The baby is now one year old. Before, the baby loved to take a bath. Recently, for some unknown reasons, he cried all the time as soon as he entered the bathtub. He was always reluctant to go in. If the father wanted to take a bath for the baby, he would be sad. In fact, father Bao takes a bath for his baby, so many things need to be kept in mind!

When is the best time to bathe your baby?

Use the kitchen sink or baby plastic tub. Standard baby bathtubs will require dads to kneel or lean on their babies’ side, and their activities will be limited to a certain extent, so that their babies will not move or slip.

How often do you bathe your baby?

Although some parents will choose to bathe their baby every day, until the baby will crawl everywhere and often get dirty, the number of showers per week should not be too much, and it can be controlled at about 3 times. Wash your baby’s face frequently, and pay attention to the wrinkles of the skin. In addition, clean the baby’s * * area thoroughly after changing the diaper every time. Special tips: the female baby should be wiped from the front to the back!

When Dad officially bathes the baby, you may find it a little difficult to grasp the slippery little guy. Dads are even afraid to start. After all, the baby is so soft and tender, but dads still need to hold on to the baby!

How to bathe the baby?

1. Collect all the items needed for bathing, and prepare a towel, clean diapers and clothes. Make sure the temperature of the room is adjusted to a proper level, generally above 26 ℃, so that the baby will not get cold after bathing in autumn and winter.

2. Put about 3 inches of water into the bathtub. Dads can use the skin inside their wrists to test the water temperature. Don’t be too hot or too cold. Generally, it can be controlled at 32 ℃ or a little higher.

3. Take the baby to the bathing area and take off all the clothes.

4. Gradually submerge the baby into the tub. Starting from the feet, dads can support the baby’s neck and head with one hand. In the process of bathing, water the baby’s back from time to time to ensure that the baby is not too cold.

5. Use gentle bath products and wipe with hands or cotton cloth from top to bottom and from front to back. You can use a towel dipped in water and soap to gently wipe your baby’s scalp, then squeeze the soap out and filter it over and over again. If the baby’s nostrils or eyes get into soapy water during the bath, dip a paper towel in the water, twist it into a small strip, and clean up the soapy water.

6. Use a cup, fill it with clean warm water, then thoroughly clean the baby, and then use the felt towel to wipe it a little bit.

7. use a towel with a hat to wrap the baby and then suck up the moisture. If the baby’s skin is dry or the baby has a diaper rash, then the baby can be irritating with small irritating lotion.

See? It’s not easy for Dad to take a bath for his baby! Learn it quickly! If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.