The weather is getting colder and colder. The first snow of this year has fallen. Although the weather has cleared up, the cold air is still there. How do you bathe in such a cold day? How do you bathe your baby? Bath for your baby is often wrong. Don’t think what you think is right!

First mistake: shower your baby directly with a shower

The baby’s skin is very delicate, not like the adult’s skin has a certain thickness, the skin is not as sensitive to the temperature as the baby’s, so it may feel that the water temperature has been adjusted sometimes, but when the flower spray is sprayed on the baby, it is still possible to burn baobao. The safest way is to put a warm water in the tub first, 40 ℃ is the best, and then put the baby in the tub. Don’t shower your baby with a shower.

The second mistake: Adults leave for a short time in the bath

For babies, even 3cm water is very dangerous, and drowning only takes 60 seconds. So even if Mommy goes to the living room to get a dress and leaves for a second or two, don’t leave the children alone in the bathroom, let alone in the bathtub.

The third mistake: using a bath bully when bathing in winter

Because the baby’s retina is relatively weak, and the light produced by Yuba is relatively strong, it is easy to cause irreversible damage to the baby’s retina. If you are afraid that your baby’s bath will be cold in winter, you can turn on the bath master to preheat it. When the indoor temperature reaches 25 ℃, you can turn it off, and then bring your baby in for a bath.

Fourth error: first put hot water, then cold water

Hot water is a dangerous thing for active babies. When discharging water, mummy should put cold water first, then slowly inject hot water, and constantly stir with her hands to make the water temperature in the basin uniform, which can effectively prevent scalding.

The fifth mistake: bathing makes the baby hurt

The baby’s body coordination ability and self-control ability are relatively poor. Once leaving the adult’s holding and supporting, it is easy to fall. Therefore, when bathing the baby, it is necessary to keep one hand steady. Moreover, it is necessary to lay a non slip mat in the bathroom to effectively prevent the baby from falling.

The sixth mistake: taking a bath to cool your baby

Recently, the weather has turned cold, and children are particularly vulnerable to cold after taking a bath. Mommy needs to clean their bodies with a large bath towel in a short period of time, and immediately put on warm clothes. And in the process of bathing the baby, it is necessary to ensure that the bathroom temperature is not less than 25 degrees, and the water temperature is also controlled at about 40 degrees.

The seventh mistake: randomly scrubbing children’s bodies

Many novice mothers wipe their children when they see they are dirty. There is no order at all, which is wrong. The correct way should be in the order of upper body first, upper limbs first and lower limbs. The specific order is: head and neck – armpit – Palm – Elbow – Chest – abdomen – groin – thigh.

The eighth mistake: let baby and adult use the same care products

There is a big difference between baby’s skin type and adult’s, and there is a big difference in the demand for the wash products. Moreover, there will be more chemical additives in adult’s wash products. If children use adult’s wash products too early, it will cause damage to their skin. Therefore, mummy needs to buy special baby wash products for her baby.

The ninth mistake: getting water into the baby’s ears when bathing

When washing the baby’s hair, mummy must be careful not to let water flow into their ears. It’s better to protect their ears with one hand to prevent water from entering. If you find earwax in your baby’s ears, you can use clean gauze to wipe it, or use a cotton swab to gently circle the auricle. Because your baby’s cochlea is very shallow, don’t poke it too deep.

The tenth mistake: over cleaning your baby’s privacy

Some mums will think that babies often pull Baba, buttocks and private places will be very dirty, so they will focus on cleaning these two places when bathing. But too much cleaning will cause long-term stimulation to the baby’s private place, which is easy to cause precocious puberty.

In addition, apply appropriate amount of moisturizing skin care products within 5 minutes after bath to prevent skin from drying and scurf. After bathing, give the baby some warm water or milk to supplement the lost water. If you want to learn more about the health habits children need to cultivate online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read. One more knowledge is more care for the baby.