The lovely baby must be dirty after playing all day! At this time, baomamas will give their babies a good bath and care before they eat and go to bed. However, it is not easy to bathe the newborn. How much do you know?

1. Prepare well before bath.

The preparation for the bath that the mother wants to help the baby is to control the room temperature between 26-28 ℃, and the water temperature should not be overheated

It is about 37 ℃ ~ 42 ℃. Another very important thing is that the mother should breast feed the newborn, so that the baby can avoid vomiting in the bath. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare the items for baby’s bath, such as bath towel, hot water and so on.

2. Bath properly.

The umbilical cord of the newborn does not fall off. When bathing the baby, the mother should hold the baby’s buttocks with her left elbow and waist, hold the baby’s head with her left palm and left arm, and wash the baby’s face and head slowly with her right hand. After cleaning the two parts, clean the baby’s body. When cleaning, she should avoid the baby’s ears and navel.

3. After bath maintenance is very important.

The skin of newborn is very delicate. It’s very important to do the necessary maintenance work after bathing. After the baby takes a bath, the mother must wrap the baby in a soft and absorbent bath towel at the first time, so as not to let the baby catch cold. After the water on the baby dries, she can apply a small amount of moisturizing oil on the baby’s face to keep the skin moist and smooth. For the baby products such as skin care oil and talcum powder sold on the market, they can be used appropriately only when there is no disease on the baby’s skin, which is better not to be used, so as not to stimulate the baby’s skin.

The warm minutes of bathing are often the best and closest time for parent-child relationship. Parents should hold on to it! If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!