In winter, the temperature in the morning and evening makes us shiver. Many novice parents are at a loss for bathing in the face of their baby. What they are most afraid of is that the baby doesn’t cooperate, and then it’s worse to catch a cold. So, what should babies pay attention to when bathing in winter?

Tips for bathing your baby in winter

Mothers should pay attention to the following points when bathing the baby: properly raise the indoor temperature, move quickly, and take a short time. Prepare more water. The water temperature is above and below 40 ℃ (37-43 ℃), and wash within 10 minutes. Dry and dress quickly. If you can do these things, there will be no problem. When bathing, hold the baby up, hold the left hand and the left forearm to the back of the baby’s head and neck, hold the two ear holes with the thumb and middle finger, waterproof into the ear, wash the face, then put the baby into the basin, and the adult quickly wash with the hand, especially under the neck, under the armpit, behind the ear, groin and wrinkles.

In fact, bathing is a very fun thing for the baby. When he kicks the water out of the water with his little feet, it is a process of playing. So, the new mommy doesn’t have to be afraid to take a bath for her baby. Relax and experience the happiness of bathing with her baby!

Don’t let your baby catch cold. Make sure you have all the preparations before bathing:

Keep the room warm, the space is better to be closed, and put all the necessary bath products at hand.

Supplies include: bathtub, soft towel, baby shower gel, face towel, cotton, clean diaper, diaper lining, diaper changing tools and clean clothes.

Tips for a happy bath:

1. To avoid scalding the baby or let the baby catch cold, pour cold water into the bath first, and then add hot water. The water temperature should be kept at 37-42 ℃. Before putting the baby in the water, try the water temperature with your elbow or the inside of your wrist. The water temperature should not be too cold or too hot, but should be warm. If you’re not sure, try a bathroom thermometer. The water in the bath basin should not be too much, generally making the water surface 8-10cm from the bottom of the basin.

2. Take off clothes for the baby in a warm place, but don’t take off his vest or underwear first, so that the baby won’t feel cold at once. In particular, the baby can’t regulate his body temperature very well, so try to reduce his naked time.

We can see from the above that bathing baby in winter is a big problem, and we should pay attention to these matters to prevent baby from catching cold. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!