Some parents are scared when they first bathe their babies. However, if you set aside half an hour, get everything you need at hand, and try to relax, parents may like to bathe their babies. But what about children who don’t necessarily like it? The editor said that bathing children is a big problem, and parents need to encourage more.

Encourage children to bathe

Parents should explain the harm of not taking a bath to their children. Without taking a bath, they can’t get rid of the germs on their bodies. Their skin is unhealthy and easy to get sick. Without taking a bath, they can’t get rid of the germs. Their bodies will stink and make people sick. If you don’t take a bath, you will feel sick. If you don’t take a bath, you will feel sick. If you don’t take a bath, your body will stink, and you are not comfortable, your good friends won’t take care of you!

Mom and dad can give the baby a strict bath time, such as: after dinner to take a bath immediately; or 9 o’clock must take a bath; or half an hour before going to bed must take a bath. In a word, before children develop good habits, parents should remind children to take a bath on time. 3-8 years old is the key period for children to develop good habits of life and health. For children who don’t like bathing, it is necessary to explain the harm of not bathing, encourage children to bathe themselves, explain the key points of demonstration bathing, and strictly regulate the bathing time, so as to help children correct the bad habit of not loving bathing.

Children are advised to take a bath frequently

Bathing for 3-8-year-old children, let the children of this age gradually develop the habit of bathing every day in summer, partly because of the need to clean the skin, and more importantly, let the children develop the habit of loving cleaning, talking about sanitation and having a regular life. In summer, if possible, you can bathe your child twice a day for about 10 minutes after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night. This kind of regular and clean living habit plays an important role in the healthy growth of children, the cultivation of patience and willpower in the future.

It is worth mentioning that in summer, when children bathe, the water temperature is roughly the same as their normal temperature. There are children who insist on taking a cold bath when they are young at home and abroad, but it depends on the specific situation of different children. It is better not to take a cold bath for a child who is too young. If you have the conditions, you can consult a doctor and start to try when the child is fit.

Use the right children’s bath products

Some mothers will use their own bath products for their children in the process of bathing, thinking that they are using high-end brands, which should not hurt their children, but this is absolutely necessary. Mothers should use children’s special bath products, and try to reduce the length of stay of bath liquid and soap on the body. Because children’s skin is easy to absorb foreign substances, for the same amount of chemicals in bath products, children’s skin absorption is more than that of adults, at the same time, the reaction to allergic substances or toxic substances is much stronger.

And you need to know that children respond by feeling. A little discomfort in the shampoo process, too much smell, or inadvertently entering the eyes of children may be the reason why they resist bathing.

We have seen the details that should be paid attention to when bathing the baby, so we must pay attention to the above details when bathing the baby at ordinary times, especially the baby’s supplies, which must be used by the baby alone, not with adults, which is a very bad habit for the baby.