In the process of bathing the baby, mom and dad can play some games with the baby, which can improve the baby’s intelligence. Today, Xiaobian tells you several ways to bathe. When bathing your baby, you may as well try it with her.

Kids, bathing can also learn

1. Respect children’s self-awareness and independence.

A child must understand the hidden parts of his body. Teach older children to wash these places as well as other parts. If the older child is very private, respect his ideas. The father is responsible for washing the boy’s hair, and the mother is responsible for washing the girl’s hair. Families with single parents can let their children learn to bathe in swimsuits.

2. Make bathing fun.

When you bathe your child, play with him, laugh and call his name. Don’t be silent like washing a dirty bottle. Let children sing and play games while bathing, and tell them how to bathe themselves. You need to check after the children are washed. When a child grows up, he can put shampoo on himself. When taking a bath, you can also lift the water on the child’s face to amuse him, which also prepares him to learn the game later.

3. Let the child bathe himself.

If possible, try to encourage your child to bathe himself. When a two or three-year-old takes a bath, you should sit beside him and talk to him or read a story to him. Although generally speaking, children before the age of four or five can’t bathe by themselves, there is no clear age limit on when children can bathe safely. When a child can take a bath independently depends on the level of sitting, the coordination ability of the body and whether he is careful.

See? Bathing is a small thing, but it can make the baby get great wisdom. What are you waiting for? Try it for your baby. If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.