Winter has always been a season of worry for mothers with babies. It has become a problem for babies to carry out their daily work, especially bathing their babies. How about bathing their babies every day in winter?

The right way to bathe your baby in winter

The correct cleaning method in winter is to wash every other day for about 5 minutes each time, and use clear water when cleaning the body. If you need to use bath cleaning products, you should choose products that do not contain alkalinity and have neutral pH value. After bathing, you can help your baby to apply non irritating skin care products suitable for use by the baby.

2. Bathing rules for babies in winter: once every other day

In winter, the weather is dry, the sebum secretion of the baby itself is not strong, and the sebum layer on the surface of the baby’s skin itself has a protective effect, which can prevent bacteria and external stimulation. Therefore, using bath soap to bathe your baby every day will not only damage the sebum layer on the surface of your baby’s skin, but also bury the hidden danger of skin sensitive symptoms for your baby.

III. The baby does not need to be “excessively clean”

In addition to using a variety of cleaning products when bathing, many parents will also use a variety of cleaning wipes with “disinfection” function for their babies at ordinary times. In this regard, dermatologists say that regular use of cleaning products with disinfection function will kill the normal flora in the baby’s skin. If these cleaning products contain alcohol and other chemicals, they will stimulate the baby’s skin, resulting in dry pruritus, eczema and other problems.

Experts also revealed that no matter whether the manufacturer is regular or not, these products will contain more or less such stimulating products, so it is better not to use them frequently.

Therefore, in winter, parents should not think that it is good to wash their baby frequently. They should wash it every day, but only once every other day. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!