Although it is cold in winter, the baby’s bathing every day can keep the skin clean, not easy to infect, and has no harm. However, bathing your baby in winter is very important. Seven key points to know! Mom and Dad, come and study.

What should babies pay attention to when bathing

1. Frequency of baby bathing

Baby in good condition, spring and summer had better take a bath once a day, autumn and winter wash once every other day. This is because the baby sweats more in spring and summer, has a large amount of activities such as going out, and the temperature is warm. Frequent cleaning can reduce bacterial infection and prevent influenza. Autumn and winter are relatively dry, with less activity. Bath and massage is also an interactive process of moisturizing and soothing emotions.

2. Bath time

When bathing the baby, the whole bathing process should be controlled at about 5 minutes. Babies can catch cold easily if they stay in water too long. The time of each bath should be 1-2 hours before feeding or between feeding to avoid excessive hunger before feeding and overflow after bathing.

3. Water temperature control for baby bathing

The water temperature of 35-37 ℃ is close to the human body temperature, and it is also the most comfortable to bathe the baby with this water temperature. Mom and dad should pay attention to adjusting the water temperature in the bathtub of the baby. First, add cold water and add hot water to regulate it, so as to prevent the baby from falling into the pot and scalding. After adjusting the water temperature, you can bathe your baby.

4. Room temperature regulation of baby bath

The room temperature of 26-28 ℃ is the most comfortable. When bathing the baby, mom and dad should pay attention not to blow the air conditioner on the baby or open the window. The indoor temperature should be kept balanced.

Tips: the key to prevent baby from taking a bath and catching cold is to control room temperature and bath time.

5. Baby bathing posture

When bathing the baby, mom and dad are often in a hurry because of the baby’s posture. In fact, the baby’s bathing posture needs to be determined at different stages of growth. 0-6 months of the baby, the spine is not fully developed, special attention should be paid. It’s better to let the baby bathe in the way of lying down. More than 6 months of the baby can sit up, the baby is more willing to sit and play with water. So the bathtub should also be selected according to the age, sitting and lying dual-use is very suitable for newborns. If your baby is a little older, you can choose a separate bath.

6. The order of bathing

Wash your baby’s head and neck, armpit, palm, elbow, chest, abdomen, groin, thigh, armpit wrinkles and feet in the order of upper body, lower body and upper limbs.

7. Washing and protecting articles for baby’s bath

Baby skin is different from adult skin. It’s better to choose special baby care products to avoid damage to baby’s delicate skin.

&In a word, as long as we are considerate and have proper methods, we can not only solve the worries and worries of mothers, but also make the baby feel that the bath time is the best time of the day. If you are interested in children’s common sense of health habits, please go to our Baibai safety net to search