Now, many children spend too much time watching TV at home and pay too much attention. They will unconsciously tilt their heads to one side and gaze at the other side, forming habitual actions for a long time, leading to “tilt their heads and look sideways”.

Be careful, it’s easy for children to look sideways when they watch TV for a long time!

This kind of phenomenon caused by watching TV is TV side view. If a child watches TV for too long and pays too much attention, he will unconsciously tilt his head to one side and gaze at the other side, forming habitual actions for a long time. If the position of the television is not in proportion to the position of the head of the child, the child is also easy to have TV side view. If the TV screen is too low, the child’s head will lean forward too much when watching TV; if the TV screen is too high, the child’s head and neck will lean back too much.

In response to this phenomenon, the professor of foreign ophthalmology Research Center suggested that: the preschoolers should leave the TV screen after watching 20-30 minutes of TV every time; the sitting posture should also be correct when watching TV; the parents should check the position and height of the TV at home and make appropriate adjustments.

If the child has the phenomenon of crooked head and side view but no ametropia, in addition to watching TV as little as possible and paying attention to the above matters, no special treatment is needed. With the growth of children’s age, the phenomenon of askew head and sideview can disappear. If the child already has ametropia, he should go to the hospital in time to ask an ophthalmologist for examination and correction.

Experts remind that children like to stay at home after holidays. If they watch TV and play games for a long time, parents must tell their children to pay attention to eye hygiene and protect their eyesight. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!