To bathe children, every parent will, is also a “required course” every day. But do you really bathe the baby? When do you wash it? When shouldn’t you wash it? Moms need to pay attention that moms must not bathe their babies in five moments!

Five moments baby can’t take a bath

Love clean mother, always clean the baby every day, holding a fragrance in her hand. The baby seems to enjoy it very much, especially like taking a bath and playing with water, but in some special cases, the baby is not suitable to take a bath immediately. Do mothers know what it is?

1. When you are just full

The baby’s stomach is like a balloon. It’s not suitable to take a bath immediately after putting down the chopsticks. The reason is that it’s bad for the health of the baby to take a bath immediately after eating too much. Especially for the baby who wants to wash his hair and bath on his hands, bathing will make the food in the stomach cavity in the state of backflow, causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Just after eating, washing your hair can cause the brain to lack oxygen under the stimulation of water, which is harmful to your baby’s health.

2. Before and after severe cold and fever

48 hours before and after fever due to viral infection, it is not suitable to bathe the baby. The reason is that the pores open during bathing. Although it has the effect of physical cooling, but because the baby’s resistance is poor, cold air will invade with the pores at the same time of cooling, which may lead to the aggravation of the disease. Therefore, it is not recommended to bathe the baby within 48 hours before and after the baby’s fever. It should be washed after the baby’s condition is stable and the health condition is improved.

3. When the skin is damaged

After the damaged skin contacts with water, it is easy to cause infection and increase the difficulty of recovery. The baby is young and doesn’t know how to avoid it. If you are not careful, you may get water on the damaged skin, cause unnecessary infection, delay the healing of the baby, or cause various risks. When the baby’s skin is damaged or has skin disease, the mother should take a bath carefully for the baby. Even if it needs to be washed, it can be washed again according to the doctor’s advice.

4. Frequent vomiting

The baby is full and has the phenomenon of spitting milk. If the baby has frequent vomiting, it is recommended not to bathe the baby temporarily. Because when bathing the baby, it is inevitable to move to the baby, which may aggravate the vomiting of the baby, make the baby very uncomfortable, and is not conducive to his health. When the baby vomits, Mommy should pat the baby’s back gently. Don’t care if the baby gets dirty and needs to take a bath in time. Instead, wait for the baby to stop and take a rest before taking a bath.

5. When in a bad mood

Sometimes the baby doesn’t want to take a bath, crying and crying. The clean parents don’t take the baby’s feelings seriously at all. They force the baby to put it in the bathtub, and the baby is frightened and rebellious. In this case, the baby is very frightened, which aggravates the fear and difficulty of the next bath. It is recommended that parents think of a good way to coax the baby, rather than forced bath when the baby is in a bad mood.

Therefore, in the above five cases, if the baby is not suitable for bathing, do not force it to avoid adverse effects on the baby’s health. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.