The weather is getting colder and colder. Many babies are blocked in the room by the cold wind. In order to create a good home game environment for their babies, many mothers don’t know that many home appliances are harmful to their babies’ health. What are they?

Looking around, mom and dad create a warm home for the baby. Modern household appliances are everywhere, so life becomes rich and wonderful, and life becomes very convenient. However, once the electrical appliances are not placed properly or used improperly, it may have a negative impact on some organs of the baby!

1. Microwave oven

① the working principle of microwave oven is to use microwave radiation to cook food, so there must be radiation leakage when working.

② when processing food in microwave oven, it is easy to cause accidental injury due to improper operation.

③ it is relatively monotonous to often use microwave oven to process food. Improper use will damage the nutritional value of food, affect the healthy growth of baby, and even increase the carcinogenic compounds in some foods, causing harm to baby’s health.

The main organ responsible for hematopoiesis in the baby’s body is the bone marrow. Because the bone marrow of the baby is still very young and the reserve capacity is relatively poor, anemia is more likely to occur when the baby is growing fast and eating is not right, especially the nutritional iron deficiency anemia.

2. Refrigerator

① when the refrigerator is working, it will produce more electromagnetic waves, which will form a high magnetic field with great power.

② the cooked and fried green vegetables can not be placed in the refrigerator, or the nitrite with carcinogenic effect will be produced.

③ if the refrigerator is not cleaned and disinfected regularly, it will hide dirt and grow bacteria, which will easily lead to fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of the baby. In serious cases, it will also cause intestinal infectious diseases. Baby’s gastrointestinal tract is not mature enough, for example, the activity of protease, lipase and other substances with digestive function in the stomach is low, resulting in weak digestive function, and the intestinal resistance to bacteria is also very poor, so it is very easy to be infected when encountering pathogenic bacteria.

(4) Yersinia is relatively cold resistant, and can reproduce in large numbers even in the low temperature environment of about 0 ℃. If the food is not sufficiently heated, bacteria can cause inflammation after entering the colon, leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

3. Sound.

Music is a friend of human beings. The sound or “Walkman” playing music is a “professional expert” who enjoys mood and creates elegant living atmosphere. However, for a baby, a sound of 50-90 decibels can cause breathing changes, while a “noisy” sound can form a stronger stimulus, induce fatigue of the body, and weaken the feedback and communication of the baby to the real human voice, It will even affect the development and maturity of their brain, causing many dreams, easy to panic and other phenomena. Once hearing is damaged, it will also have a bad impact on the language function of the baby, which is called “ten deaf nine dumb”.

4, air conditioning

Air conditioning can cool, heat up, maintain constant temperature, dehumidify, and even purify air, but it will be tired if not used properly. When the use of air conditioning makes the indoor and outdoor temperature difference too large, it will lead to the body can not adapt.

If the air conditioner is not cleaned and maintained regularly, it will become the disseminator of pathogenic microorganisms, especially the central air conditioner, which is more likely to cause acute respiratory infectious diseases of the baby. The baby’s respiratory tract has its own characteristics from the beginning of the nasal cavity to the alveoli, such as the lack of protection ability of the nasal cavity as a portal, poor reserve of lung function, relatively narrow chest All these give viruses and bacteria room to drill.

So pay attention! These household appliances do great harm to baby! Baibaibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated, please lock our relevant columns!