In winter, when the weather is dry, people generally have the experience of being electrified by static electricity. For babies, regular exposure to static electricity can cause physical harm. So what are the threats of static electricity to babies? Next, Xiaobian will tell you!

Electrostatic threat to baby

In the cold season, mothers always like to put on thick clothes for their babies, but this also causes a new threat – static electricity! In fact, the cause of static electricity is friction, especially in the dry season, the friction between the clothes of chemical fiber products is very easy to generate static electricity. There is a mother’s response: “in the dry and cold season, I am very afraid of my child’s cold, so I put on more clothes for him. When I take off my clothes, I often hear the crackling sound of static electricity. Sometimes my child is” electrified “and cries.” Have you ever thought that in addition, static electricity will also affect the health of baby?

First of all, it will increase the alkaline concentration of the blood and reduce the calcium content, which is a big taboo for infants in the growth and development period. In addition, a large number of electrostatic dust contains a variety of viruses, bacteria and harmful substances, which can cause skin spot inflammation, and even cause tracheitis, asthma, arrhythmia and so on!

All cotton clothes prevent static electricity

When buying baby’s clothes, it’s best to choose natural fabrics such as cotton. Don’t buy clothes made of pure fiber because they are resistant to dirt and easy to wash. At the same time, it’s better to add some clothes care agents into the daily baby clothes washing. Clothes of different texture need different treatment methods. For example, wool fabric needs to shrink and deform in the water solution above 30 ℃, so the washing bath temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, and cotton clothes also need to be softened, so as to ensure long-term deformation. For stiff clothes, adding fabric softener will make them more flexible, which is worth learning for mothers. Remember! Make your baby comfortable, not indulge!

Daily static prevention tips

● keep a certain humidity indoors. In addition to regular ventilation, you should frequently wipe the ground, sprinkle water, or put some potted flowers and plants. If possible, you can also use humidifier to increase indoor humidity.

● pay attention to antistatic clothing and materials. Indoor best do not choose carpet of chemical fiber, curtain and adornment of plastic quality. Try not to wear chemical fiber clothing in winter. Choose soft and smooth cotton or silk underwear. TV, air conditioner, computer and other household appliances shall be connected with ground wire.

● eat more vegetables, fruits, yoghurt and other acidic foods, drink more water, and supplement calcium and vitamin C to reduce the impact of static electricity. Carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, bananas, apples, kiwifruit and so on contain a lot of vitamin C. Hairtail and turtle can increase the elasticity and moisture retention of skin and have good antistatic function.

● develop good anti-static habits. For the items that are easy to be electrified, the surface static electricity can be eliminated by wiping with a slightly wet cloth before contact. After turning off the TV and leaving the computer, you should wash your hands and face immediately so that the static charge on the skin surface is released in the water. In the home often play barefoot can promote the accumulation of static electricity on the body surface release, touch the door handle or faucet before touching the wall, you can “put” the body static electricity out. When it is found that the hair cannot be combed, dip the comb in some water and it will be easier to comb. Take a bath frequently, change clothes frequently, and use skin care products with good moisturizing performance, which can also effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated on the surface of the human body.

In a word, there is a lot of static electricity in winter. Be careful to hurt your baby. Mothers should be more careful. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!