In other words, watching TV has many benefits for children, such as promoting language development, brain development, broadening knowledge and so on. And children are communicating with their peers. Watching TV is also an activity. However, the holiday is coming soon. Many children like to watch TV at home every day, so that parents should be aware of the six diseases that children are prone to if they watch TV excessively during the holiday.

Six diseases of children’s over watching TV during holidays

Improper or uncontrolled watching of TV will cause some diseases, which are called TV diseases in medicine. It mainly includes the following six diseases:

Some children and teenagers don’t pay attention to the sitting posture when watching TV, some are askew and squint, some are lying on the sofa or lying on the side of the bed, some children are sitting on a small bench and stretching their neck to watch TV. Because the head and neck keep this kind of over stretching and bending posture for a long time, it is easy to cause neck soft tissue strain and suffer from neck diseases.

Some children come home from school every day, the first thing is to turn on the television, and in order to fight for time, when they eat, they devour or watch while eating, and watch TV with full attention, without turning their eyes, while eating is careless, without knowing what they are eating. Over time, it will cause gastrointestinal autonomic nervous disorder, reduce secretion of digestive fluid such as gastric juice, bile and pancreatic juice, slow down gastrointestinal peristalsis, cause anorexia, dyspepsia and even induce stomach disease.

An eye disease caused by watching TV. Watching TV for a long time can make your eyes tired and your eyesight will drop, resulting in myopia. According to the survey, the closer the TV screen is to the eye, the longer the viewing time is, the greater the impact on vision. In addition, watching TV for too long in a dark environment will consume a lot of rhodopsin in the retina. If the consumption of rhodopsin is too much, it is easy to cause vitamin A deficiency, resulting in unclear vision and dry eyes at dusk or in a dark environment. In serious cases, it will develop into night blindness.

TV belongs to a one-way communication form, which deprives children of the opportunity of information feedback. If children watch TV alone for a long time without the opportunity of emotional communication with anyone, and children have poor self-control and strong imitation, they often unconsciously imitate the words and deeds of the characters in TV, and treat the surrounding people, even their parents, as if no one is around Indifference, as time goes on, will make children’s character become withdrawn, their actions become alienated and speechless, and they will go alone, which is called “TV autism” in medicine.

At present, about 800000 children under the age of 13 in the United States are suffering from “obesity”, while 3% – 5% of Chinese teenagers are obese. One of the main reasons for obesity is that these children indulge in watching TV all day, and eat sweets, snacks, cakes and other foods while watching. Often, they consume far more heat energy than they consume, which leads to obesity. According to survey data, children who watch five hours of TV every day are twice as obese as children who watch one hour of TV every day.

Many children are addicted to watching TV all day during the holiday, which often disrupts their daily routine of drinking, eating and drinking, and easily causes autonomic nervous dysfunction, and even presents symptoms such as dizziness, eyesight, sharp reduction of vision, abdominal distension, insomnia and dreaminess.

For the sake of children’s health, it’s better to take them to do some outdoor sports during the holiday. Don’t let them indulge in TV programs for a long time to avoid endangering their small bodies. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.