Although bathing baby is a seemingly ordinary little thing, but there are many big knowledge hidden in it. Mothers need to master the knowledge essentials and precautions of bathing baby. Then, what should babies pay attention to before and after bathing? Great attention!

Xiao Li just graduated from university and married her boyfriend who had been in love for two years. She was heartless enough to say. Because her boyfriend’s hometown was in a remote mountain area in Sichuan Province, she had not even been to the man’s home, and her parents had not met each other, so she directly obtained a marriage certificate from her boyfriend. A year later, two people ushered in the arrival of small life, mother-in-law in the deep mountains volunteered to come to Guangzhou to bring their children. At first, Xiao Li was very grateful for her mother-in-law’s help. After all, when she became a mother for the first time, she could do nothing. Her mother-in-law’s existence was just like a sea god needle. But before long, the two mothers and daughters-in-law almost led to family conflicts due to their different ideas of parenting.

A few days ago, Xiao Li just took a bath for her baby. After wiping her body with a bath towel, she put it into the quilt to coax her baby to sleep. But for the first half of the day, the little guy kept his eyes wide open and cried. Xiao Li picked up the baby and was just about to lift up her clothes to feed her. As a result, her mother-in-law saw her: “what are you doing? Don’t you know that you can’t feed your baby right after bathing? If you don’t understand, young people will ask. Don’t hurt the baby before you regret it!” Xiao Li listened to depressed ground to say: “the child is hungry, do I feed milk difficult or harm him?”

We all know that taking a bath and drinking milk before going to bed can promote sleep, but why do so many old people say that they should not give milk after taking a bath? Is it better to nurse before bathing or after bathing? In fact, both before and after bathing can be fed milk, the key is to grasp the time interval.

I. before bathing

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to feed the baby before bathing, because it is very easy to spit or choke milk by bathing the baby immediately after feeding. So if the mother is afraid of the baby’s breast-feeding in the bath, it’s better to feed half an hour before the bath. Try not to let the baby overeat when feeding. Never take a bath before the baby has eaten milk and digested it.

After bathing

After bathing, it is recommended not to feed the baby immediately. After drying the baby with towel, let the baby drink some boiled water This is because the bath water with high temperature will open the pores of the baby’s whole body, speed up the metabolism, thus accelerating the loss of water. If the water is not replenished in time, the baby will be thirsty.

&Only by mastering a lot of knowledge can we make our children feel comfortable and cool in the bath and help them grow up healthily. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search