To form a good habit that children love to take a bath when they are young has a very good auxiliary effect on children’s skin health and happy sleep. However, not all babies like to take a bath, so how can we make the baby “happy” in the bath in the big winter?

1. Prepare lovely toys in the bathtub

Baby is born to love playing, let baby feel bath as happy as playing games, auxiliary tools are toys. Mothers can buy some special toys, such as big ships and little ducks, which can not only entertain their babies, but also let them know more about them. I prefer to use the safety things around me as baby toys, such as brushing my teeth, using perfume bottles, cooking frying pans and so on. Save money, but also play the creative baby.

2. Complete baby’s “hero heart”

I believe that few babies don’t like cartoon characters, especially the cartoon heroes. My son is no exception, but he doesn’t like bathing either. I bought him an eye mask for a long time. A baby’s bath, especially when washing his hair, can prevent water from flowing into his eyes. And we call him “eye Superman”. Whenever we need to take a bath, we will shout “eye Superman, we are going to start fighting monsters”.

The baby likes this way very much. He regards bathing as a kind of game. It’s easy to wash your hair. A witty mother can lift the toy to the top of the child’s head and let the child face up. If he doesn’t want to, pretend to play against him and see whose head is up. Take this opportunity to wash his hair quickly. If the child’s eyes get into the water, he will remember to be afraid of bathing next time, so he must act quickly.

3. Proper bath time

Take a bath for your baby in winter. Don’t let your baby soak in water for a long time. Because the bubble time is too long, the skin is easy to dehydrate, which will aggravate the skin dryness, generally about 10 minutes. And the frequency of bathing in winter should be reduced, 2-3 times a week is appropriate, too frequent but make the baby’s skin easy to itch, desquamate, damaged Oh!

4. Exercise before bath

Before taking a bath, take off your baby’s clothes and let him have a free time to move. Adults help the baby turn over, let the baby turn left and right, or combine the two turns to turn over 180 degrees. In the space of baby turning over, adults gently touch the baby’s smooth body and massage him. The baby will experience a kind of free happiness. When adults help the baby exercise, the baby will be very happy. Turn over more, you can move your baby’s limbs, which is good for increasing the strength of your baby’s limbs. The baby has a good time and it’s easier to take a bath, isn’t it?

5. Take a bath properly

Mothers may be surprised to learn how to bathe? Haha, of course, in fact, the baby’s body coordination and body support are still very weak. Mothers must hold the baby firmly when bathing. Never let the baby lean on the bathtub while the adult walks away. Such negligence is easy to cause baby drowning.

The most suitable water depth in the basin is 6-9cm, about 32 ℃, warm but not hot. When bathing, take your baby to the bathroom first and take off his clothes. If the baby cries every time, you can leave the diaper on him first. It can give the baby an extra sense of security in the water. After washing, wrap the baby in BB bathrobe and pat them dry moderately Water on the top.

The above is how to make the baby bath full of fun. Do not force the baby to take a bath and make it a “torture” for the baby. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!