Families with babies, especially in winter, are afraid of their children’s colds when bathing their babies, so they should take measures to keep warm. Bathrooms are equipped with bath masters, so when bathing their babies, many mothers will open them. However, can baby bath in winter use bath bully? Does it hurt the baby?

Can baby take a bath with bath in winter

1. It’s better not to use bath bully in winter

Cause analysis

(1) the working principle of Yuba is to raise the temperature in the light area through the thermal radiation of the infrared bulb. For example, Yuba is composed of 2-6 special heating bulbs, which can make the bathroom quickly warm in a short time. But Yuba will produce strong light pollution.

(2) do not use the lamp to warm the bath in a family with a baby, which is not good for the baby’s eyes and skin.

2. If the baby wants to use the bath bully, it can only be opened before bathing

Cause analysis

You can let others wash first, wait for the bathroom to become foggy, the temperature rises, then turn on the lamp of Yuba to warm up for 15-20 minutes, and prepare the hot water slightly higher than usual, then turn off the lamp of Yuba to warm up, continue to turn on the wind to warm up, and put the baby in the water. In this way, the strong light of Yuba will not hurt the baby’s eyes.

II. The harm of bathing with bath bully in winter

1. It interferes with the central nervous function of human brain

Yuba can produce strong light pollution. Bathing under it for a long time can easily burn your eyes and cause dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. This is because too bright light interferes with the central nervous function of the human brain.

2. Affect the visual function and visual development of the baby

Light pollution will also weaken the visual function of infants and affect their visual development.

How to bathe in winter

1. Use the steam of hot water to heat the bathroom

First put the hot water in the bathtub, the water temperature can be slightly higher, use the steam of hot water to warm the bathroom, and let the baby undress after the water temperature is slightly cool. Raise the temperature of the room where the baby passes after bathing.

2. Check the window for air leakage

In an ideal state, the room temperature is generally 26-28 ℃, if it is a new baby, the best room temperature is 28-30 ℃. Check to see if there is a draught or if the windows are too leaky. Of course, do not close them all, and pay attention to ventilation. Before you undress your baby, rub your hands, warm your hands, and then put him in the bath.

3. Put towels and towels next to the tub

Prepare towels and clothes next to the bath tub. After the bath, you can immediately put the bath towel on your baby as soon as you grasp it. Then dry it one by one and put on clean clothes.

In a word, I would like to remind all mothers that when bathing their children, they must use the bath bully safely to avoid hurting their children’s eyes. The common sense about what health habits children need to cultivate is still in the process of updating. Please continue to pay attention to this website!