Baby bath can open bath bully? Winter is coming, bathing in cold weather is a troublesome thing, especially for children, for fear of freezing their children, then, can baby bath like an adult bath master heating? Can the baby take a bath in winter?

Visual impairment caused by excessive irradiation

Experts said that some light can cause damage to the retina of infants and young children, and the extent of damage depends on the wavelength, intensity and length of exposure. Blue light, a high-energy visible light with a wavelength of 400-500 nm in visible light, passes through the cornea and lens and contacts the retina. Blue light can accelerate the oxidation of cells in the macular area of the retina, while excessive irradiation can even damage the visual cells.

Parents should pay attention to avoid strong sunlight, flash, infrared bath light and other direct infant eyes, to avoid infants sleeping under too strong light. In addition, it is also necessary to supplement nutrients such as lutein for infants to filter blue light and play antioxidant function.

Yuba without vision protection

The head of marketing, who declined to be named, said that so far no manufacturer has been able to provide baby eye protection products, which is related to the working principle of Yuba. “If the parents are not sure, they can use the heater.” The person in charge said.

According to reports, the macular area in the retina is the most sensitive area in the eyes where information is most abundant. The macular area of the retina did not form when the baby was born, and the macular area of the retina did not fully develop until the child was about 4 years old. Compared with adults, the eyes of infants are more vulnerable in development. Professor Wu told the morning post that the infant’s lens is relatively clear and cannot effectively filter blue light like an adult’s.

According to the pediatrician in Shanghai’s top three hospital, because the damage of blue light to baby’s eyesight is cumulative attack, it is hard for many parents to notice. This negligence is also the cause of the prominent problems of amblyopia and myopia in preschool children.

&Therefore, remind the majority of young parents: it is better not to use bath bully when bathing the baby in winter, so as not to inadvertently cause permanent damage to the child’s vision. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information