Infantile acute rash is a common infectious disease in infancy. It is caused by exogenous wind, heat and dampness, stagnation in the skin, and stagnation of Qi and blood. The incidence of fever is likely to occur in all seasons of the year. Spring and autumn are the high incidence seasons for young children. According to the latest data in China, the incidence of fever caused by acute rash is as high as 98.2%. Can the baby take a bath in emergency? What is the most appropriate way to wash with water? Let’s get to know!

Can children take a bath in a rash

During the period of children’s acute rash, the eruption stage is the stage that mothers are worried about. Because there are a lot of rashes at this stage, I don’t know whether these rashes can touch the water or bathe the baby.

The reason for this worry is that mothers don’t know enough about children’s rash. Children’s rash is a self-healing disease, that is, without drug treatment, the baby can recover slowly after the rash. Because the baby rash belongs to benign rash, and the baby can resist it. So in the rash stage, you can take a bath. Eruption sub stage is in the stage of detoxification, as long as the detoxification is discharged, the rash will naturally subside, and the whole baby’s rash will end. And bathing can not only ensure the baby clean, more importantly, after washing the sweat stains on the body every day, the pores are clean, which is more conducive to the discharge of heat poison. This will also speed up the rash. Therefore, it is necessary to take a bath for your baby every day.

However, we need to remind parents that it is better to wash the baby with clear water during the period of acute rash, without using any product such as bath gel, and it can not guarantee whether the rash part is allergic to bath gel or other products, so for safety, it is better not to use other products, just wash the body with clear water.

Therefore, parents need careful care in the early, middle and later stages of the baby’s rash. Although the baby’s rash can heal itself, if not properly cared at this stage, it is easy for the baby’s body to have problems.

The cleaning care of children with acute rash

Children’s rash is not new to the parents whose babies have appeared, but to the parents who haven’t yet. Children’s rash is a kind of disease with fever and rash as symptoms. Although the symptoms look very serious, children’s rash does not need treatment and can heal itself after rash. Therefore, parents do not need to worry about it, but during the period of children’s rash, they still need to pay attention to the cleaning and care of the baby.

1. Wipe sweat everyday to keep skin cool.

In the initial stage of fever, although the temperature is the same as the fever, but the baby’s state is very normal and healthy. At this time, the cleaning care to be done is to wipe off the sweat in time when the baby is sweating, so that it can be more conducive to the heat dissipation of the baby, and it will not block the pores because the sweat can not be discharged.

2. Take a bath every day to keep your skin clean.

Take a bath for your baby every day. When taking a bath, it is not practical to use cleansing products, such as shower gel, etc. only use clean water to clean your baby’s skin, which is more conducive to rash and heat dissipation in the high heat stage.

3. Keep the room clean and ventilated.

Whether the indoor air is ventilated and whether the indoor environment is clean and tidy has played a crucial role in the health of the baby. Therefore, parents must keep the air clean and tidy, and avoid the cold and fever caused by the wind when the air is ventilated.

At this time, some babies may be very dependent on their mothers, hoping to stay close to their mothers all the time, which may be the psychological needs of their babies caused by diseases. So please try your best to meet your baby’s psychological needs, which is also conducive to parent-child relationship. &Nbsp; if you are interested in what knowledge children need to develop about their health habits, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.