Nowadays, the life of every family is getting better and better, and the television has become a necessary household appliance. We’ve heard countless times that TV is not good for babies, but can baby watch TV? Is it good or bad for children to watch TV?

The influence of watching TV on children

1. Recognize the external environment

Children in early childhood, any stimulation they can receive, is an important beginning for them to recognize the external environment, so it can be said that “TV” experience helps children’s cognitive ability development.

Most of the time, when a mother feeds her baby or plays with her baby in the house, the TV at home is on. Children in early childhood are not actively seeking to watch, but passively attracted. Therefore, how can parents help children understand the images they are exposed to as early as possible, so that they can recognize the external environment as early as possible.

2. Obtain visual satisfaction

Generally speaking, TV has a great attraction for babies over 2 years old. Although this age group of babies, for television content is not very understanding. However, sufficient sound and light effects, rich and varied pictures, will make children have a “fondness” for TV.

According to medical experts, 2-3-year-old babies like to watch advertisements the most. Because, the advertisement picture color is bright, the sound light effect is strong, and the dynamic change is quick, easy to attract the baby’s line of sight, can let them get the visual satisfaction more.

3. Watch out for adverse effects

A. the one-way communication and lack of thinking exercise are not conducive to the creative development of baby;

B. There are many unhealthy factors in TV, such as violence, pornography, vulgarity and absurdity. When children’s ability of analysis and thinking is not perfect, they will blindly imitate the behavior in TV, which has a bad influence on children’s behavior, language and thinking;

C. some horrible and tense circumstances will lead to children’s feelings of anxiety, depression, uneasiness, fear and loneliness, which will damage children’s mental health;

D. children’s eyeball development is not fixed, which will affect children’s vision, leading to myopia, astigmatism and other eye diseases.

How to choose TV programs

Therefore, experts also remind parents that TV may be a good friend, more likely to be a bad friend. How to carefully choose TV programs suitable for children to watch, and how to make TV an auxiliary tool for children’s language stimulation, as well as another bridge between parents and children, rather than an electronic nanny, depends on parents’ wisdom.

1. Filter TV program content first

First of all, parents must watch every TV program that their children like several times. Don’t be too arbitrary and think that cartoon must be something that their children like and suitable to watch. Some foreign cartoon programs are too violent or the plot is too absurd for children to watch. Therefore, when choosing TV programs for children, it is necessary to understand the content of the programs they watch.

2. Watch with children

When a child watches a TV program, you may as well put down the things at hand, sit down and watch with the child, or try to ask the child, where do you think the program is more interesting now? Or you can try to arrange the time for the whole family to watch TV together, which can not only promote the feelings between parents and children, but also timely guide the child to absorb correct knowledge and concepts.

3. Arrange TV viewing time

Parents will arrange TV watching time after judging the content of their children’s favorite TV programs; because sometimes parents may only pay attention to the control of time and the cooperation of life and rest, but ignore the time and content of TV programs at this stage, whether they are suitable for children to watch.

4. Consider children’s interests and discuss with children

Parents can choose with their children. They can also know what programs their children like and are suitable for. If you think the program is not suitable for your child, you can also timely tell your child’s parents the reasons for objection. Instead of forbidding your child to watch TV, you can think that the content of the program is not suitable and will have a bad impact. On the one hand, you can let your child feel the concern and attention of your parents, and also give your child the opportunity to express their opinions and preferences.

Guide children to watch TV correctly

In addition to choosing suitable TV programs for children to watch, experts also emphasize that correct guidance for children to watch TV can help children learn correct knowledge, value judgments and concepts. Here are some tips for guiding children to watch TV.

1. Keep a proper distance

Generally, the proper distance to watch TV is five to six times the length of the fluorescent screen. Parents can set up tables and tea tables between the chair and TV to keep a safe distance; keep the right posture and pay attention to control the time of watching TV, and take a half-hour rest, which can reduce the chance of shortsightedness of children.

2. Ask questions and understand children’s opinions on the program content

When watching the program together with children, you can understand their ideas from chatting, correct their correct ideas in time, and then guide them correctly in judging people, things and things.

3. Inspire children’s ideas

When watching with your child, you may as well ask some questions for example to let the child associate, encourage the child to think together, and inspire the child’s imagination and thinking judgment ability.

4. Try to give clear and affirmative answers to the questions raised by children

Some program children will have some doubts after watching it. At this time, parents should treat the questions raised by the children correctly, and try to give correct answers within their own understanding range; never have the attitude of prevarication and perfunctory.

In addition, when children are found to have improper behavior due to the influence of television, parents should timely give supervision to correct children’s behavior and concept Engage in leisure activities other than watching TV.

Too much contact with TV is not a good thing for children. Parents can take their children to other activities and guide them to develop in many ways. According to the survey, each child watches TV for an average of four hours a day. It can stipulate that children should watch one hour of TV, read books or draw for another hour, and engage in outdoor sports for two hours, which can not only distract children’s attention on TV, but also make them develop towards morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor.

1. Outdoor activities

The development characteristics of babies under 3 years old are mainly based on feelings and actions. It is suggested that parents should take their babies at home to take more outdoor activities, such as outings and outings, to learn knowledge from nature. In addition, we can also play sand digging, Castle stacking and other games with our baby, which can not only stimulate the creativity of the baby, but also make the baby’s feelings and actions coordinated development.

2. Create at home

Mom and dad can buy some brightly colored building blocks to teach their babies to pile up high city gates and beautiful houses, or let them pick up a colored pen to smear and create their own color world on paper. There are other kinds of leisure activities besides watching TV at home.

For the flowers of the motherland, the hope of the future – children, every parent has an unshirkable responsibility and obligation. TV, as an indispensable part of modern life, plays a positive and negative role in people’s family life. As a “flower Guardian”, whether parents can make full and effective use of TV as a “medium” is related to whether they can promote the healthy growth of their children. If parents can grasp the above points and make TV play its positive role, your child will have a mentor and a way to communicate with your child.

Children watching TV has both advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that parents should be responsible for helping their children to make sure that they are not exposed to inappropriate content prematurely and that they should pay attention to helping their children control the time of watching TV. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.