Hemangioma often occurs in infants and children, so parents of infants and children will be more worried about it. They also need to pay attention to many aspects in daily life. For example, parents have concerns about whether they can take a bath when their babies have hemangioma. Let’s talk about whether they can take a bath when their children have hemangioma?

Is infantile hemangioma patient OK bath?

Children’s hemangioma can not only take a bath, but also pay special attention to the cleaning of the tumor parts, especially the hemangioma in special parts (neck, armpit, perineum, buttocks, etc.) which are often stimulated by friction and secretion, and the permeability of these parts is not good, especially easy to break, so parents need to pay attention to cleaning these parts, and pay attention to keep the skin dry after cleaning, You can use a paper towel or cotton cloth to gently dry the water stains on the tumor, and be careful not to wipe back and forth, so as not to rub the fragile skin on the tumor to cause the tumor to break.

It is also OK for children with ruptured hemangioma to take a bath, but it should be noted that the wound can not be touched with water or soaked in water for a long time. Some parents dare not take a bath because the child has hemangioma or the tumor is ruptured. This will generally cause problems in patients’ health, and even the more the tumor site is stimulated by secretions, the more the area of the ruptured area is The bigger you come, the longer it doesn’t heal.

Treatment of hemangioma with ruptured hemorrhage:

1. Once the infant hemangioma breaks and bleeds, the first step is to press and stop bleeding. If you are at home or outside, find clean or sterile gauze or cotton to press on the bleeding site in time, and the pressing time is as long as possible, because the abnormal blood vessels of the hemangioma focus, the relative time of bleeding is longer and the amount of bleeding is more.

2. Keep the wound clean and dry, do not touch the water on the wound, and use chlortetracycline eye ointment or erythromycin eye ointment or baiduobang anti-inflammatory ointment locally.

3. After the bleeding stops, disinfect the wound surface. If the wound surface is large or there is more bleeding, timely go to the hospital for hemostasis and disinfection and anti infection treatment.

4. The wound will fall off naturally after scab formation to avoid external force falling off.

5. After the scab of the wound falls off, go to the hospital for treatment in time, cure the hemangioma in the early stage, and avoid the next bleeding

Therefore, more patience and care are needed for the patients with infantile hemangioma. In addition, Professor Gong Zanhui reminds the parents of children with hemangioma to find, diagnose and treat the hemangioma early, so as to avoid the occurrence of tumor rupture, bleeding, infection and scar.

We need to deeply understand the pathogenesis and symptoms of hemangioma, and correctly understand hemangioma, so that we can be far away from the suffering of this disease. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!