The rapid development of science and technology has brought many new parents new puzzles: “my children don’t play mobile phones, when playing computer games, they are like angels, when playing mobile phones, when playing computer games, they are like demons. They don’t let go at all. They often end up with family Wars. So there’s a discussion among parents about whether children can use mobile phones too early? Yes or no? Let’s watch online games together!

Can children use mobile computers too early?


There is nothing wrong but the wrong way, yes

Nowadays, electronic products such as mobile phones and computers are highly popular. It is impossible to completely isolate children from electronic products. What’s more, in some aspects, children’s access to electronic products is still necessary, such as answering phone calls, receiving and sending text messages. Moreover, simple prohibition is far better than correct and reasonable guidance. Of course, the harm of electronic products to children should also be paid attention to, which requires parents to grasp the degree. Fu Kai

It’s impossible for us to foster our children in a paradise or let them live in a vacuum, so it’s impossible to forbid them to play mobile phones when electronic products are flooding the whole society. As a parent, it is the first choice, the best policy and the king’s way to cultivate children’s good habits. There are advantages and disadvantages in everything. We should make good use of the situation, pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages. We should not stop eating because of choking. Travellers are not in the open

Electronic products are not a great beast. There is no need to talk about machine color change. Stay away. Since the use of mobile phones and computers is inevitable in the development of the times, it is necessary to teach children how to use them correctly in advance. For example, by teaching them some necessary telephone help knowledge, they can avoid the dangers and injuries caused by emergencies in the home alone and left behind. If the parents guide them correctly, the children will play well and don’t have to worry about it. Zi color Feng bell

Mobile phone is a tool. It’s no surprise that a three-year-old can play wechat. As a parent, we should not refuse to let children play with mobile phones, but we should teach them how to use mobile phones correctly. We should not allow them to play with mobile phones for a long time without restrictions. There is only the wrong way, there is no wrong thing. Reading too many books still has an impact on the eyes, and so does television. As a parent, the first task is to teach children to do things correctly.

con side

Mobile phones radiate children’s temptation, no

Mobile phones are electronic products with electromagnetic radiation, which is definitely not good for three-year-old children. In addition, many functions of mobile phones are addictive and dependent. Adults can’t resist the temptation. What’s more, children are curious about the functions of electronic products and don’t know how to control them. It’s inevitable that they will go astray. Parents should remind or stop them in time. Yichang people

For children, mobile phones are health killers, such as electromagnetic radiation, damage to vision, affect hearing and so on. Children who do not have a sense of prevention and let their children play are betting on their physical and mental health in the future. They are autistic, nearsighted and indifferent, and regret nothing. Early childhood is the beginning of enlightenment education, and it is the king to cultivate its wide range of hobbies and interests. Maorixingguan 957

Mobile games are easy to make children addicted. It’s not enough for parents to control and slow down. How dare they encourage their children to play? It’s said that some children ignore everything after playing mobile games. Parents say they can’t get rid of playing in the park. Playing mobile phones is better than seeing their mother. Besides, cell phones also have radiation. It’s harmful and useless to contact them too early. Cowboy minor

It can be seen that we should try our best not to play mobile phones and computers for our children too early. Parents should still wait for their children to go out for outdoor activities and feel the beauty of nature. If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.