What food is not suitable for children? Let me tell you!

Many parents know that jelly is the worst junk food among all kinds of snacks. Eating more will affect children’s growth and mental health. Parents also stop their children from eating unhealthy food. But there are also parents do not know, which food is not suitable for children to eat? Let me tell you! What […]

Do not eat more carbohydrates

Many people don’t know that carbohydrates are also divided into different colors and types. Their functions and functions are quite different. Some are “good carbon water”, some are “bad carbon water”. Today’s theme of Xiaobian is that children should not eat more carbohydrates. Children should not eat more carbohydrates Rice flour mainly contains carbohydrates. Although […]

There are four ways to make children eat less snacks

Snacks are one of the public enemies in the eyes of many mothers. Now there are too many snacks on the market, such as chips, hamburgers, chips, sweets, messy drinks, colorful packing bags and various additives. Must let the child eat will be infatuated, so want to let the child eat snacks less, can use […]

Children are not suitable to eat food, for your reference!

Children are also lack of digestion and detoxification in all aspects of their body, so some foods can not be eaten casually. If they eat more, they will easily get sick and even affect their physical development. The following small edition on children’s unfit food, for your reference! Don’t buy any more food for the […]

Which foods affect vitamin absorption?

Childhood is the fastest growing period in a person’s life, and the demand for various nutrients will be greater, especially vitamins, which play an important role in children’s growth. However, in some foods, some foods affect the absorption of vitamins, so which foods affect the absorption of vitamins? “Kexing” affecting vitamin absorption Rice soup should […]