Counting the hidden dangers of children’s toys

For children without awareness of danger discrimination, toys bring more than happiness. Research shows that with the emergence of a large number of novel toys, the health risks caused by them are increasingly becoming a concern of people. Experts have found that hidden in toys, the main disasters are as follows: One of the murderers: […]

Can children’s toys be disinfected with 84

84 disinfectant is very common in our life. The disinfectant is still effective, but it can’t be used too much. Can children’s toys be sterilized with 84? Today’s small edition of Baibai safety net will give you a detailed explanation. Can’t use 84, 84 is the disinfectant, has the chemical composition, the baby contacts to […]

Can you play with plastic toys with peculiar smell

Plastic toys must be selected with qualified quality. Otherwise, the smell is very strong. Can we play with the smell of plastic toys? Is poor plastic toys harmful to children? Next, please follow the steps of Xiaobian to learn more about safety net. Can you play with plastic toys with peculiar smell If the smell […]

Red envelopes for children in Spring Festival

Sending red envelopes is a custom of Chinese New Year. Chinese like red because red symbolizes vitality, happiness and good luck. The distribution of red envelopes to minors (according to the Chinese concept, married people are regarded as adults) is to bring them good wishes and good luck. The money in the red bag is […]

Choose toys for your baby. Which invisible killers should you avoid?

Recently, AQSIQ ordered 31 enterprises to recall 31 batches of defective toy products, and the safety of children’s toys once again became the focus of public attention. The reporter found through the interview that although many children’s toys are expensive, they do not scare parents’ pockets. Some toys with high technology, remote control, occurrence, automation […]

Benefits of 3C certification for children’s toys

There are many kinds of toys on the market now, but it is undeniable that the quality of these toys is mostly uneven, which makes many parents particularly worried. If the quality of toys is not up to standard, it is easy to cause great harm to children’s health. Therefore, when buying toys for children, […]

How to distinguish good from bad

With the improvement of people’s living conditions, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, so the emergence of new things is also very frequent. Buckball is a toy that everyone likes very much, not only children, but also young people like it very much. They think it can be decompressed, but many people don’t pay […]

Disinfection methods of toys in kindergarten

In the process of playing with toys, babies will inevitably have close contact with toys. For some smaller toys, the baby will habitually put them in the mouth, and those plush toys will inevitably have more frequent contact with the baby’s skin. So we need to know how to disinfect toys in kindergarten. The disinfection […]

How to remove formaldehyde from wooden toys

Toys are essential in a baby’s childhood. Mothers will buy all kinds of toys for their children. But do they know? If they choose inappropriate toys for their baby, there is likely to be a hidden danger. So what are the hidden dangers in toys? How to remove formaldehyde from wooden toys? Please read the […]