The iPhone and iPad are popular among young people. This kind of mobile phone combines the functions of mobile phone and computer. It can make phone calls and text messages, chat QQ online, and play the game “wowei”. Its functions are so powerful that people can’t leave it. People’s information enriches their life and makes their eyes a disaster area. Especially children’s eyesight is at stake.

Cell phones hurt children’s eyes more than TV

According to the report, three medical staff of Zhejiang eye hospital asked three children to use and watch mobile phones, PDAs, 42 inch LCD TVs and projectors respectively in four days. By comparing the children’s diopter, tear film rupture time and blink times before and after, the degree of damage to children’s eyesight was judged. The experimental results show that continuous viewing of these four kinds of screens will lead to the increase of short-term myopia (pseudomyopia), the shortening of tear film rupture time and the decrease of blinking times, while the effects of mobile phones and palmtop computers on the eyes are more significant than those of TV and projection. One of the children played with his mobile phone for 20 minutes, and his right eye vision fell to 100 degrees of pseudomyopia. Therefore, the conclusion of the experiment is that playing 10 minutes mobile phone is equivalent to watching 30 minutes TV.

Pseudomyopia is a temporary decline of far vision. If you have a proper rest, your vision can be restored. If the pseudomyopia caused by visual fatigue can not be relieved and controlled for a long time, it will lead to the change of eyeball shape and form true myopia. True myopia can only be corrected and improved by wearing glasses, contact lenses or surgery, which can’t be really cured. Tear film is the front layer of the eye, which is composed of lipid, water and protein. Its function is to protect and moisten the eye surface and maintain normal vision. Under normal circumstances, the tear film is constantly updated. Every time we blink, the eyelid will be coated with a layer of tear on the eye surface. Without blinking for a long time, the tear film will break naturally. This time is called tear film breaking time, which should be greater than 10 seconds normally. Tear film rupture time will cause a series of discomfort, such as dry eyes, foreign body feeling, burning feeling, itching, tears and so on.

Mobile phones and other electronic products are harmful to the eyes in many ways. The most common is dry eye. When using mobile phones, especially playing games, people can’t help but reduce the number of blinks because they want to focus on the picture. Over time, it will lead to tear film abnormalities and dry eye symptoms. Another significant problem is induced myopia. This is particularly important for young children whose bodies are still developing. In addition, there is a “invisible killer” – high-energy blue light in the bright electronic product display screen. It can damage the retina. Long time blue light radiation can even induce macular degeneration and other blinding eye diseases. However, there is no particularly effective treatment for macular degeneration.

Although it’s not realistic for children in modern society to be completely isolated from mobile phones, palmtop computers, etc., it’s necessary to keep the under age children (under 6 years old) from contacting such products and strictly control the contact time (no more than 1 hour a day). Parents should encourage their children to take part in more outdoor sports. Scientific research shows that outdoor activities have a clear role in preventing myopia. In addition, lutein and zeaxanthin have the function of resisting blue light. Therefore, eating more blueberry, broccoli, spinach, wolfberry, corn, egg yolk and other foods will greatly help the health of eyes.

This shows that cell phones hurt children’s eyes more than TV, and children’s vision is in danger! Parents are still waiting for what, hurry to clean up the mobile phone, tablet, eyes are the window of the heart, it takes us to appreciate the vastness of the world, we are responsible for protecting it! &Nbsp; if you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.