Every time you answer the phone, the child will make every effort to find an excuse to disturb you and pull your shirt. If you ignore him or ask him to wait for you to finish the phone call, he will be furious and yell loudly, so that you can’t hear what the other party says on the phone He just needs your attention now! So children always disturb adults to make phone calls. How can parents guide them?

How to deal with the situation of children interrupting to answer the phone?

I. It’s not a bad behavior for children to disturb and answer the phone

Is your child bothering you as soon as you answer the phone? Alicia, a member of the mother’s circle, points out that her daughter behaves like this. When the mother’s attention leaves the child, they get a silent alarm. She often gives her daughter the attention she wants after hanging up, but, she says, “I’m starting to feel frustrated because I always need to, but I have other things to do.” Children always regard themselves as the center of the universe, which is a normal manifestation of this age group. They still can’t understand that their parents need to do, want to do and can do a lot of things have nothing to do with them. So when a child hears his or her parents talking on the phone, he or she runs to try to get their attention back to him or her. This is a way for children to explore, not bad behavior.

2. Stupid things

Have you noticed that sometimes when you ask a child what he needs, he may mumble or say something stupid. His answer is to tell you that he is looking for attention. Of course, if you feel your child really needs you, give him enough attention.

III. parents’ response to problems

Think about what you usually do when you’re talking on the phone and your children come and disturb you.

1. You look into the child’s eyes and point to the phone as if you are saying, “I’m on the phone, please be quiet and let me talk properly.”

2. Then you raise your finger and make a silent Shh gesture.

3. At the end of the day, you raise a finger to show that it’s only a minute, and in fact it’s eternal for a child.

Of course, if the attention is not enough to fill the child’s desire, he will take the form of complaining, begging, talking loudly, stamping his feet, screaming or losing his temper, so as to focus your attention on him rather than on the phone.

IV. how to deal with the phone being disturbed

1. Children will come to you. When he nestles next to you, you should touch his back. Touching people’s bodies will send a message to their hearts: they are being noticed.

2. If the child tries to talk to you, you can turn your body sideways and continue to touch his back.

3. Don’t look into the child’s eyes or talk to him.

5. Tips and techniques

1. Children under two and a half years old are too young to use this skill.

2. When using this method for the first time, don’t talk to real people on the phone, but with dial tone.

3. Ignore the children’s mother and mother’s shouting. Before you talk to him, try to keep silent for a minute and only touch his back. In the process, his speech will slow down or stop. Because his inner need for attention has been met.

4. Remind yourself that you are teaching your child that he can’t get everything he wants when he wants it. The world is not like this.

5. It’s not punishment – it’s education. If you do these things but the child is getting more and more anxious, stop and talk to him. Some time is suitable for education, some time is not.

6. If your child doesn’t need attention, touching his back will only make him angry and he will push your hand away.

In short, we must correctly guide children, not to teach them by shouting. Often children’s hearts are relatively fragile, at this time adults will always be tough to educate children, so children’s hearts will be more lost or aggrieved. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!