This problem should be met by many parents. Especially the son wants to see his mother take a bath and the daughter wants to see his father take a bath. Although the child is innocent, it is somewhat embarrassing and awkward for adults. So what should children do if they want to watch their parents take a bath?

Xiao Fan, a 13-year-old boy, is a first-year junior high school student. Xiao Fan goes to the English teacher’s home to make up lessons one by one. The English teacher is a unmarried young woman. At the end of the make-up class, Xiaofan, who was packing his schoolbag, found that the teacher was in the bathroom, so Xiaofan couldn’t help being curious and impulsive. He peed at the teacher’s pee through the crack of the door, only to be found by the teacher. Young female teachers don’t understand the psychology of adolescent children, and they lack the experience to deal with this kind of things. In a hurry, they scold Xiao Fan as a hooligan, call Xiao Fan’s mother immediately, and threaten Xiao Fan to report this to the school, so that Xiao Fan’s reputation will be ruined. At that time, Xiaofan was too scared to speak, blushing for a while. After her mother arrived at the teacher’s house, she scolded Xiao Fan again to relieve the teacher’s shame and anger. Although after the mother’s efforts, the teacher finally started from the perspective of protecting the children, and did not pursue this matter again, but since then Xiaofan has completely changed. Xiaofan, who once had excellent grades, lost his mind in class and couldn’t finish his homework. A few months later, my mother found a lot of pornographic videos and books under Xiaofan’s mattress. My mother fell into the abyss and nearly collapsed. A year after it happened, Xiaofan was sent by his mother to a relative’s house in another city. Far away from his mother’s day, he is more obsessed with pornographic pictures and movies on the Internet. He often hides in his room while watching pornographic newspapers and movies and masturbates at the same time, unwilling to go to school. The family’s discipline of Xiaofan has also been in trouble.

Xiaofan’s parents divorced and have been living with his mother since he was two years old. His mother has high hopes for Xiaofan and strict requirements in all aspects. So far, she is unmarried for her son. When Xiao Fan was over 3 years old, he cried to see his mother take a bath, change clothes and go to the bathroom. My mother refused, because my mother thought that the boy had seen the woman’s body and was easy to learn bad things. As for the sexual questions raised by the children, the mother did not answer them. She always thought that her own requirements for the children were very strict and correct in this respect.

In the conversation with Xiaofan, he told me that he just wanted to see what’s different between women’s sexual organs and men’s, women don’t have chicken to pee, so he would peek at the teacher to pee. If a child’s desire to understand the adult’s body is severely stopped in childhood, the suppressed desire will reappear in adolescence, and the nature of adolescent’s peeping into the bathroom and children’s peeping before the age of 6 will completely change.

How to solve the problem of children peeping at their parents’ baths and baths

If before the age of 6, the parents prevent the children from looking at the adult body and fail to satisfy the children’s desire to look at the adult body, then for the children who have not yet entered adolescence, the parents can make up this lesson, carry out privacy education for the children and implement the “two track system” Because of the different family culture, each family can treat this problem differently. If 10-year-old children want to see their parents naked, and their parents have enough ability to deal with the psychological changes and related problems after their children see their parents naked, there is nothing wrong. It should be noted that after the make-up class, children can’t look at their parents’ bodies at will.

Generally speaking, for children who want to see their parents’ bodies, they can see their parents’ bodies once or twice. If children no longer want to see their parents’ bodies, they should not make up lessons in this way. The way of making up lessons should be based on family culture and parents’ educational wisdom.

The older the children are, the more difficult it is for parents to make up lessons for them. Because of our culture, it is very difficult for parents to expose their bodies in front of the older children. At the same time, it is very difficult for the older children to accept their parents’ nudity, which makes it difficult for parents to grasp and deal with the embarrassing situation on both sides. For children after 6 years old, parents can also use illustrated children’s sex education books to help children understand the human body and answer children’s related questions.

For children after the age of 6, especially those who have entered puberty, if they don’t know how to avoid their parents’ bathing and break in at will when their parents take a bath, the parents’ wrong way is the root cause of this behavior. Such behavior of children indicates the immaturity of sexual psychological development, lack of interpersonal boundaries, and no healthy sense of shame.

Therefore, in this period, on the one hand, parents should let their children realize their parents’ love, on the other hand, they should also let their children understand that parents love each other and both parents love their children. Of course, the most important thing is education. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!