Some children always refuse to sleep and cry, which is bad for their baby’s health, so we should try to make him sleep well. No matter adults or children, sleep is the most important thing. Then, what should parents do if children don’t like sleeping? Let the small editor of Baibai safety net know about it with you!

Sleep problem 1: sleep “upside down”

Age: 0-6 months

Performance: “it’s midnight, I tried my best or I couldn’t let him sleep.” Your sleeping habits make it impossible for you to enter the black and sweet land during the day, so you can only dream with your eyes open.

Expert voice: the average sleep time of the newborn is 16 hours. Babies who don’t sleep at night mostly sleep too much in the daytime. If you can’t stand such a toss, let her distinguish “black and white” as soon as possible.

★ wake up the baby in the daytime: wake up the baby every 4 hours in the daytime and feed him with milk. It not only helps to cultivate the habit of sleeping at night, but also enables the child to get most of the nutrition needed by the body in the daytime, and slowly give up night milk.

★ only tease him in the daytime: give up the intention of playing with him in the evening and let the baby’s waking time appear in the daytime.

★ fixed sleep time: it’s a little difficult for a new baby, but you can catch the most easy time to fall asleep when he is just sleepy.

Sleep problem 2: can’t sleep all night

Age: 0-9 months

Performance: “he always wakes up in less than two hours at night. I have to feed him milk or water every time he wakes up, otherwise he can’t sleep any more. I am busy like a heifer all night.”

Expert voice: few babies can sleep all night at the beginning. Feeding at night is the biggest problem. The best way to solve this problem is to fix his “night time”. Choose a time when your baby is sleeping well to start your training.

★ master the last feeding time. According to your sleeping habits, give your baby the last milk between 10 and 12 o’clock every night. This will be the starting point for the baby to sleep all night, so try to let the baby eat more to meet his needs for the night. After this feeding, never wake up the baby after midnight unless the baby needs medicine.

★ try to postpone the next feeding as much as possible. The baby wakes up for the first time in the night crying for milk. You can change the diaper for him and put it back in the small bed, but don’t feed him. If the baby is breast fed, it’s best for the father to do these things so that the baby doesn’t have associations.

★ if he is still crying, don’t hold him up, but gently pat him on the back to sleep, he can usually sleep for another 45 minutes or more.

★ when the baby wakes up again, still follow the above methods. If necessary, feed him some water. When he can’t wait, you can feed him again. After feeding, still put him back to the small bed. At this time, it is usually three or four o’clock in the morning. After eating this milk, the baby may sleep until dawn.

The next day, the practice of the previous day is to delay the next feeding as much as possible. Maybe you just need a weekend to get there. But maybe you need to stick with it for a few days or two weeks.

Sleep problem 3: refuse to sleep by yourself

Age: 0-2 years old

Performance: “as soon as I put him in bed, he would start crying and I had to hold him all night. Sometimes it’s even necessary to jog around the house with him to make him quiet. What I think most of those days is the secret of Monkey King changing his hair into a sleepy insect. “

Voice of expert: it seems that he has developed the habit of holding someone to coax him to sleep. Learn to be a cruel mother and train your baby to fall asleep.

You can let him sleep in your room for the first few weeks, but be sure to let him sleep in his own bed.

Before you go to bed, you can hug him, then wrap him in a small blanket and put him on the side of the small bed. For the first time, he may cry so much that he becomes a mother who turns a deaf ear. You can ignore him 20 minutes before he cries. If he still cries after 20 minutes, you can pat him on the back to make him quiet. The baby is much smarter than you expected, and soon he will feel that it is not worth crying for a little comfort for such a long time, and become quiet. This method is also suitable for older children who often cry before falling asleep.

The above is about children do not love to sleep, what should parents do? This question I give some suggestions, I hope you can learn and adopt. If you have any questions about the benefits of early childhood education and other knowledge about children’s safety education, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of early childhood safety education of Baibai safety net.