Now there are many young children playing with electronic products for a long time, resulting in poor language ability, social skills, poor vision development and other problems, and they have become what we call “electronic dolls”. So the child has become a “electronic doll”, in which realm should you be a parent?

Don’t use electronic products to “tether children”

[typical case]

This year’s 10-year-old children have been using computers for five years. Two years ago, they had their own iPad, playing games, watching movies, chatting about QQ Holding the iPad, he can immerse himself in his world for two or three hours. Now, children’s eyesight has declined a lot. Mother also found that except for iPad, her son seems to have little interest in other activities. Not long ago, she took children to Hunan brain hospital for consultation.

[expert advice]

“All kinds of new stimulation of electronic products (such as games) stimulate the brain to secrete a large amount of neurotransmitter called ‘dopamine’, so as to attract children’s attention for a long time. However, their self-control ability and willpower are weak, so there is a potential risk of ‘addiction’.” Dr. Zhou Xuhui, director and deputy chief physician of the Internet addiction Department of Hunan Brain Hospital, said that children’s premature and excessive exposure to electronic products would do more harm than good.

Zhou Xuhui said that in addition to the impact on the developing body, children communicate with machines too much, and lack of communication with people, they will lack experience accumulation and positive experience on the objective world and interpersonal environment, and the development of brain areas such as movement, language communication, feeling and emotion management will not be able to get reasonable stimulation and balanced development. With the growth of age, emotion is indifferent Or the fluctuation is big, it is easy to appear the self emotion control obstacle, it is difficult to adapt to the complex social environment, and finally lead to all kinds of psychological problems.

“Parents can’t use electronics as a rope to” tie their children. ” Zhou Xuhui said that this is not to suggest that parents should “insulate” their children from electronic products. The key is that parents should master a “degree” and change it from “blocking” to “sparse”. In view of the characteristics of rich image thinking and weak rational thinking of children, various forms of carriers should be used instead of teaching control. For example, the use system of electronic products should be formulated through consultation with children, and the use time should be specified Content and types of games, and strictly implement the reward and punishment measures; secondly, we should treat our customers, colleagues and friends as we do, respect and understand our children, take the time to communicate with them, find out the reason why they are “addicted” to electronic products, and find the place where they fail to perform their duties as parents. What’s more, we should encourage and praise children more, take them to outdoor activities, carry out group communication, carry out parent-child games, travel together, etc., guide them to form good living habits, exercise healthy body, cultivate friendship between children, distinguish right from wrong, good from evil, and promote the balanced development of their IQ and EQ.

Parents, where are you?

■ first level:

Parents are willing to spend money on their children, thinking that money is the expression of all love.

■ second state:

Parents are willing to spend time with their children to witness their growth.

■ the third realm:

Parents began to think about the goal of Education – what kind of child do I want? Once the goal can be clearly determined, parents are not easy to be trapped, keen to follow the trend and blindly cultivate their children.

■ fourth realm:

In order to educate children to learn, parents no longer stay in the “no way” or “no way”, but pay attention to children’s symptoms and causes, and actively intervene and correct.

■ the fifth realm:

Parents improve themselves in order to educate their children, because they understand that “who are you” is more important than “who are you?” all family education, in fact, is the result of words and deeds.

■ highest level:

Parents really realize that everyone is unique, and find that “who I am” is more important than “who I am”. Parents do their best to support and encourage their children to become the best themselves, and also support their children to become the real themselves by example.

Due to the popularity of electronic products and the increase of “bow headed people”, cervical spondylosis, which was originally caused by elderly talents, is becoming younger and more dolly like, hoping to attract the attention of cute parents. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!