In such a technologically advanced modern society, it is unrealistic and impossible for children to be completely away from TV and other electronic devices. First of all, even the adults with strong self-control can’t do it. Therefore, children infatuated with television, parents can be guided according to two principles!

● “democracy” principle

1. Parents’ authority should not be used blindly to prohibit children from watching TV at a certain time. Now most preschool children spend most of the day in kindergarten, and they only watch TV in the afternoon after they go home. If they also limit their children to watch cartoons at dinner time, it’s reasonable for them to cry and fight.

2. Using the principle of “democracy”, parents and children make reasonable arrangements for TV. First of all, we should tell children the harm of watching TV while eating, and then discuss the time of eating and watching TV with children to avoid conflicts. In order to prevent children from indulging in TV on weekends, parents can also adopt a democratic way to select programs suitable for them according to the TV program schedule in advance. The length of watching TV should be controlled. They should work out a TV time schedule together with the children, and agree with the children in advance on a plan to be strictly observed, and use alarm clock to remind the children that the time is off as soon as it arrives TV.

It should be noted that parents must set an example. If parents themselves are addicted to TV, or like to watch TV while eating, then the principle of democracy is meaningless.

● “flexibility” principle

1. Parents should learn the principle of flexibility. Smart parents should be flexible in the face of the “threat” of TV, rather than blindly asking their children to listen to themselves, of course, they can not completely let their children go. For example, when a child’s favorite TV program conflicts with a meal time, parents can adjust the time of dinner for the child if they can. If the time cannot be adjusted for the children due to the constraints of the actual conditions, it is necessary to make reasonable use of various favorable resources, such as using a video recorder to catalogue the festival for the children, and then showing the children after eating. Because children can see their favorite TV programs, they will be obedient to let them eat on time.

2. Provide more entertainment items for children on weekends instead of TV. For example, do more outdoor sports with children, jump rope, climb mountains, etc. If parents have no time to accompany their children, they can only turn to television. They should also pay attention to the principle of flexibility. They should choose as many kinds of useful TV programs as possible for their children, such as sesame street, blue cat naughty 3000 Q and so on, so as to avoid children from choosing bad programs that are harmful to their physical and mental health in many TV programs.

After having a child, the family life time and arrangement should take into account the needs of the child. After a hard day at home, in addition to doing housework, we should also take some time to accompany the child and communicate with the child in games. We can’t give the child to the TV, the “nanny” who doesn’t spend money. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.