Nowadays, a variety of electronic devices have become an indispensable part of people’s life. Many parents are used to making “electronic nanny” to accompany their children. Recently, it has been said that children’s playing with electronic devices for a long time not only hurt their eyes, but also hurt their cervical vertebrae. Is it true that many parents have heard the saying that they are worried?

Between August and October last year, a pediatrician received 32 cases of children with neck discomfort and limited mobility. The youngest was 5 years old and the oldest was 9 years old. X-ray showed that 32 patients all had physiological curvature of cervical spine straightening or even reverse arch. Parents describe that they have a long history of bowing their heads, and the addiction to modern digital equipment is a common problem for most children.

According to the clinical symptoms and X-ray findings, these children can be diagnosed as cervical spondylosis. Cervical spondylosis, also known as local cervical spondylosis, has pain of head, shoulder, neck and arm and corresponding tenderness points. There is no obvious degenerative change such as intervertebral space stenosis on X-ray film, but there can be changes in physiological curve of cervical spine, instability between vertebrae and slight hyperosteogeny. This type of cervical spondylosis is very common in clinic, and it is the earliest cervical spondylosis. If we don’t pay attention to it, it may develop into other types of cervical spondylosis, with dizziness, nausea, upper limb numbness and weakness, gait instability and other symptoms. &How can children break their cervical vertebrae when they love playing with electronic products?

In order to save the cervical vertebrae of “crying tired” and “crying pain”, parents and children must take the following measures:

Far away from digital products such as mobile phones and iPads has become a powerful tool for parents to coax their children and an important magic weapon for parents to get rid of their children’s entanglement. But when children enjoy the visual and auditory stimulation brought by these high-tech products, due to the lack of self-control ability, they often fall into dependence, unable to extricate themselves psychologically, and bring heavy burden to their cervical spine. Imagine our childhood, still vaguely remember that our parents told three popular stories in their ears, such as three monks, Cinderella, and so on. In groups, our friends played happily in the alley, and enjoyed the fragrance of flowers and grass in the park. Parents, please let your children enjoy your children’s fun and happiness.

The combination of work and rest has become one of the hot topics in today’s society. The school district room is like a harmonious society. There are many kinds of early education, training and other educational institutions in the city. Parents rush to famous schools at all levels. Our children lose their innocence and even their health too early. When children are required to study hard, please also tell them to stand up and exercise every 30 minutes to rest their tired spine. The specific method is to hold the head with both hands crossed, slowly lean the head back, and confront each other, 5-8 times.

Proper massage has the functions of relaxing the muscles, unblocking the collaterals, promoting qi and promoting blood circulation, which can effectively relieve the muscle tension of the neck and back muscles. The discomfort of the back of the neck and even the limitation of the movement of the cervical spine are often related to the high muscular tension of the muscles in the back of the neck. Parents can touch their children’s necks daily to help them relax. In addition, local hot compress and hot water washing can relieve the tension of neck and back muscles.

Suitable physical exercises some sports not only exercise children’s physical fitness, but also exercise neck muscles. For example, patients with cervical and lumbar diseases are suitable for swimming, especially breaststroke, and so are children. Swimming is a whole body sport. When people are swimming, the muscles of their upper limbs, neck, shoulder back, abdomen and lower limbs should participate in sports, which can promote the blood circulation of the whole body muscles, and the buoyancy in water can relieve the tension of the whole body muscles. In breaststroke, the action of back breathing can not only effectively exercise the strength of neck muscles, but also move the cervical joints and promote the repair of strained muscles and ligaments. Parents, please take your baby’s hand and jump into the pool tonight to enjoy the fun of swimming with your children.

Editor’s note: the electronic products should be used reasonably. If the child’s cervical vertebrae have problems, parents must pay attention to them and actively treat them. If they let go when the symptoms are light, they may develop into serious cervical vertebrae problems. If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!