It’s going to be winter vacation soon. Are you going to start a war with your children on watching TV? I love all kinds of interesting programs and cartoons on children’s channel. As long as they have these programs, they can sit all day. And Xiaobian will talk about the five obstacles that children love watching TV. You must know when you are a mother!

Five obstacles for children to watch TV

I. the baby who loves watching TV has abnormal physical development

The original lively and active baby, once addicted to the TV, sits in front of the TV for 1-2 hours, which is not only harmful to the eyes, but also to the body. For babies with poor digestive function, sitting still for a long time will lead to anorexia, which is not conducive to growth and development; for babies with strong digestive ability, sitting still after eating will lead to obesity over time. According to the researchers who have followed and observed 33 obese children for nearly three years, they found that: 10% of childhood obesity is caused by diseases, 10% by family genetics, and the vast majority of the remaining 80% are simple obesity, and they all have a common feature – love watching TV.

2. Children who love watching TV do not like reading

TV has a great attraction to baby, its bright colors, changing pictures, beautiful music, constantly stimulate and excite baby’s brain, so the baby who loves watching TV loses interest in books with monotonous pictures and boring words. However, most of the information transmitted by TV is fragmentary and leaping, from which the baby can only get some fragmentary and unsystematic knowledge. Moreover, any learning process should be accompanied by a thinking process, and television can not leave people time to think. In the long run, the imagination ability and creativity ability of baby will be bound, which will eventually lead to the baby not interested in reading and learning.

An education expert once said: “30 years of teaching experience has convinced me that students’ good intellectual development comes from good reading.” But reading interest and reading habits need to lay a foundation in early education, otherwise they will do half the work, or even work for nothing. The infatuation of children with TV is also formed in the first few years of growth, so parents should try not to let children watch TV, let books become their friends as soon as possible, and let them develop good interest in learning and learning habits.

III. monotonous interest of TV loving babies

When the baby sits in front of the TV for a long time, it is difficult for the outside things to arouse their interest. Take them to learn to draw, play the piano and play chess. Their interest is not high, and they often give up halfway. The process of learning is a hard process, while watching TV is a process of entertainment. Watching TV for a long time makes the baby in a loose state, which naturally repels some knowledge and skills that require mental and physical efforts.

4. Poor social communication ability of children who love watching TV

If a baby spends a lot of time watching TV, his chances of contact with the outside world will be greatly reduced. Being alone for a long time and accompanied by TV all the time will hinder the baby’s psychological development. They often imitate the action and language of the characters in TV. They will be restless without watching TV. They hate other people’s interference when watching TV. Because of the poor self-control ability, the plasticity of character and behavior, and the strong imitation ability of the baby, most of the TV information is swallowed, which affects the normal development of thinking, character and behavior, which also has a negative effect on children’s psychological development.

V. It’s hard to educate children who love watching TV

Babies often receive TV programs according to the bill, but many programs are not suitable for children. In the process of growing up, too much premature contact with bad information will bring difficulties to parents and schools’ positive education, affect the principle of baby’s life, and even cause babies to commit crimes later.

However, children generally need the supervision of their parents to do the above. It’s going to be winter vacation soon. Do you still let your children watch TV at home? What children need is healthy growth and happy childhood! If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.