As soon as the child comes home, throw his schoolbag away, hold the tablet or mobile phone, and quickly enter the video game mode of keeping away from others. It’s time for dinner. I have to wait several times to pause the game reluctantly. Even before I go to bed, I have to play. But it has a great impact on children’s sleep, do you know?

Children’s sleep is affected by playing video games before bedtime

Medical research has found that it’s harmful and useless for teenagers to “relax” themselves by playing tense and exciting computer games after finishing their work every night, because it will make them sleep hard, even damage their memory and forget what they just learned.

To test whether computer games can harm the health of teenagers, the researchers recruited 11 healthy 12-14-year-old boys without sleep problems. In the two-day trial, the researchers asked them to play interactive racing games or watch exciting videos two or three hours before going to bed each night. The researchers watched the children’s sleep all night and tested their visual and verbal memory before and after the game.

The results showed that it took children a long time to fall asleep after playing computer games, and the time of slow wave sleep, which helps to form factual memory, was shorter. In addition, cognitive experiments also found that after playing for an hour, children’s oral memory performance decreased.

Experts pointed out that a long-term lack of sleep will bring a series of body damage, such as eyesight fatigue, neurasthenia, anorexia, abnormal blood pressure, decreased thinking ability, and low immune function. Therefore, enough sleep is particularly important for the growth and development of children. Before teenagers go to sleep, parents must warn their children not to do things that have nothing to do with sleep, or to watch TV programs or books that excite their brain cells, or to play computer games, researchers remind.

As a matter of fact, computer and online games are not monsters. As long as you choose the right time, it will be good for your children’s learning and ability development. But playing video games before bedtime will affect their sleep. Don’t neglect it in the future! If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.