In the face of these colorful tableware, many parents will choose some imitation porcelain tableware with cartoon image and bright color for their baby. One is that if you fall down, you will never hurt your baby again. However, the quality level of these porcelain like tableware is not uniform. The porcelain like tableware specially selected for the baby can actually become a hidden killer endangering the baby’s health?

Children’s favorite imitation porcelain tableware, also known as melamine plastic tableware, if the use of inferior products, children may also eat melamine by mistake.

The properties of qualified melamine plastics are stable

Melamine can be used to produce food packaging materials, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, so there may be trace melamine in food, which is generally far below the safety limit of 15mk / kg. However, if poor melamine plastics are used, it is difficult to estimate the amount of melamine consumed. Dong Jinshi said that melamine plastic is mainly the polymerization of melamine and formaldehyde resin. The properties of qualified products are relatively stable after synthesis, but the melamine and formaldehyde resin in inferior products are very unstable, especially at high temperature, which is likely to release melamine molecules. If you often put the poor melamine plastic containing food into the microwave oven for heating, the risk is very high. In addition, melamine plastics may also release formaldehyde, which is more harmful to children.

Do not put melamine tableware in the microwave

‘consumers don’t have to worry too much,’ Mr. Dong said. The qualified melamine plastic tableware can withstand low temperature (can be put into the refrigerator), boiling (can be steamed and boiled with boiling water), pollution and high safety. Purchase, first to the regular shopping malls; second, to see whether the tableware deformation and other bad phenomena. Don’t pick the melamine tableware with bright colors and deep colors, and don’t use it in the microwave oven. When cleaning, soft dishcloth, cleaning cloth, decontamination powder, etc. should be used to wipe the surface of the tableware, which is more easily polluted. The safest tableware is porcelain tableware with qualified quality.

In this way, children’s porcelain tableware harm so much, be careful baby melamine! Parents should not be careless, or try not to buy imitation porcelain tableware as much as possible! If you are interested in how to disinfect children’s tableware, please go to this safety net for relevant information.