The baby is coming alive. In the hospital, there will be a special nurse and aunt to bathe the baby. Once discharged from the hospital, the baby will be bathed in person after raking and Hemping. However, it’s not easy for mom and dad to bathe their baby. Children resist bathing, these methods can let TA enjoy bathing!

Unhappiness makes baby resist bathing

Babies don’t like to take a bath generally have reasons. They are likely to have unpleasant bathing experiences. For example, when taking a bath, the atmosphere is not good, the room temperature and water temperature are not suitable, the baby is held too tightly, the bath water or shower gel splashes on the facial features, when playing happily, the baby is disturbed by the bath, and the parents’ actions are too heavy and hurt the baby, etc. No matter what the reason, parents should help their children enjoy bathing, so that they can let their baby take a bath without forcing. Try to make your baby feel comfortable and happy when taking a bath, and take it as a must every day.

Let baby enjoy bathing

◆ the technique should be gentle and agile. Newborn bath time should not be too long, generally 3-5 minutes, too long Baobao easily tired, also easy to catch cold.

◆ respect the self-awareness and independence of the baby’s gradual development. If the big baby is very private, respect his ideas.

◆ try to encourage your baby to take a bath. When a 2-3-year-old baby takes a bath, his parents can read him a story. Although babies before the age of 4-5 can’t bathe by themselves, there is no age limit on when they can bathe safely.

◆ cultivate the habit of taking a bath consciously. When the baby is having a good time, he is often reluctant to take a bath. If taking a bath every day becomes a static rule, the baby will realize that even if he cries desperately, he will not want to delay the bath.

Set a bath time. Choose an appropriate time for your baby to take a bath, so that the bath will not conflict with other activities.

Precautions for baby bathing

◆ generally, bathing can be conducted 30 minutes before feeding. It is better to defecate before bathing and wash after cleaning.

◆ during bathing, always hold the baby’s head with the palm of your hand to prevent cervical vertebra accident.

◆ many babies protect their hair. They can wear a shampoo hat or a special headband to prevent shampoo from flowing into their eyes and ears.

◆ avoid showers. Children under the age of 3 can’t control the water temperature on their own. In order to prevent the baby from being hurt by the water that is too cold or too hot, it’s more suitable for parents to prepare a bath for the baby.

◆ it is better to take a bath within 10 minutes, otherwise the baby will feel tired due to physical exertion.

◆ do not wet the umbilicus when bathing the newborn within 2 weeks. After bathing, clean the umbilicus hole with a cotton swab dipped in 75% alcohol to prevent infection of the umbilicus.

◆ it is usually the warmest time of the day from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., which is the most suitable time for baby bathing.

◆ always pay attention to the baby. Speak gently to the baby in the bath. Never leave the baby alone in the bathroom to avoid drowning, falling or scalding.

New hemp people, see the baby’s delicate appearance, do you even know where to hold and touch it? Then write down these bathing knowledge quickly! If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!