When it comes to holidays, parents are most worried about their children’s safety, and the most important thing is their schedule of work and rest time. One of them is that they can’t control the time of surfing the Internet and watching TV. However, according to experts, children watching TV may make their parents have to pay attention to arrhythmia. Next, let’s take a look at the harm of children watching TV!

What are the dangers of children watching TV

1. Easy to cause baby squint

When adults watch TV, they either hold the baby or put the baby with the cradle beside them. Under the attraction of the TV sound, the baby often looks at the TV from the side. Often keep the same posture, will naturally cause strabismus. Slightly older children watch TV for a long time, and their eyesight will be tired. In order to see more clearly, sometimes they can’t help but show a crooked head posture. After a long time, they will also squint.

2. Myopia, astigmatism and other eye injuries

The visual adjustment function of infants has not developed well. It is difficult to adjust and adapt to the direct stimulation of strong light. While babies enjoy TV, they especially like watching programs with frequent screen flickering and strong color stimulation. For example, adults rarely successfully pull children away from the TV when they watch advertisements. Children, especially those under 2 years old, whose refractive and eye position regulation systems are not well developed, watching TV is definitely harmful to their vision development.

3. Television and autism

TV will deprive children of their thinking power, because what they need to watch TV is only their passive attention, and children will no longer like to think in the cognitive learning of watching TV. Children who are addicted to TV are lack of initiative in their life. Their excessive attention to TV makes them ignore their toys and children, watch programs that are not suitable for them in front of the TV, and are unwilling to communicate with other people, which leads to “TV autism”.

4. TV may cause child obesity

Some babies like to eat while watching TV. Parents also find that when they eat, they will be more honest and let them eat while watching. Sometimes they even turn on the TV when they eat. The baby’s mind is all on TV. He often doesn’t know when his stomach is full. He will eat too much, which will lead to obesity. At the same time, it will also affect his digestion and cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.

5. TV may cause arrhythmia in children

More and more children have physical abnormalities due to watching TV too much. Many children have no organic heart disease but arrhythmia. The study found that these children have one thing in common: they watch TV more than 3 hours a day for more than 2 weeks.

Children can learn a lot from watching TV, but parents should also know that children, especially infants, who do not choose to watch TV for a long time will cause more than 50 kinds of diseases, such as hyperactivity, headache, abdominal pain, sleep disorders, anorexia, enuresis, phobia and skin rash.

&Nbsp; watching TV and games is only good for children occasionally. If they are addicted to them, it will have a bad impact on their eyesight, thinking, etc. if you have more knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information