Nowadays, most babies have the experience of resisting in the bath. In such a situation, parents should stop and spend one minute thinking about why the baby does not want to take a bath. And sometimes children do not like bathing may be afraid of water, what’s the matter? Children who don’t like bathing may be afraid of water. What’s the matter?

Why babies don’t like bathing

Why children are afraid of water: most children are afraid of water for a reason. Please observe whether the following situations have occurred:

1. When the child takes a bath, water once flowed into his eyes. Or when washing the face with soap, the soap flows into the eyes. Or wash your hair with soap in your eyes. The above situation can make children afraid of water.

2. The bath water may be too cold or too hot. The baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive to heat and cold. Sometimes the mother thinks the water temperature is just right, but the child will scream after going into the water.

3. The child once fell into the water and choked on it.

4. Sometimes adults force their children to take a bath when they are having fun, which is against their children’s wishes.

5. When adults turn on the tap, the sound of water flow is too loud, and children may be frightened.

6. When the child takes a bath, the adult may use excessive force to rub or dry his body. Children don’t like it. They need gentle touch from adults.

Adults may not expect that the above-mentioned situations will cause children to be afraid of bathing. The past experience is that if a child wants to learn how to bathe, he should first make a deep impression. A child of this age may be afraid of things around him that he can’t control. At the same time, he has the courage to try and learn new things. The child is in a period of daring and fear.

Therefore, we should say more simple words to children. Close to and observe the child carefully, you will know what he likes and how to treat him. Bathing a child must be skillful and try to get him into good habits. Bathing a child is not difficult, but it must be calm and observant.

Warm tips: for children who are afraid of water, parents should make their children close to the water a little bit. When they don’t take a bath, they can also let their children play with toys in the bathtub. Put ducks and boats in the water, and the plastic toys they like can all be put in the water. Slowly, he will think that the bathtub is actually an interesting place. Of course, at this time, parents must accompany them and pay attention to their children’s safety. In case the Child Slips in the tub or chokes on the water. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.