In modern life, computer, mobile phone and network are almost indispensable, so more and more people need glasses for myopia. For nearsighted people, glasses are very important. It is important for optometry to choose where to go with myopia glasses and how to choose lenses, or for mydriasis optometry to go to the hospital. There are many misunderstandings in this kind of practical problems for myopia patients. This article will talk about children with glasses only rely on computer optometry spectrum?

Moon told her mother that she couldn’t read the words written on the blackboard more and more recently. My mother thought that the moon may be nearsighted and needs glasses. She first went to the glasses shop for consultation, and the boss told her: there is a computer optometry in the shop. If you look at it, you will immediately know whether you are shortsighted. It is very convenient, and said that the computer optometry is high-tech and accurate. My mother thought that she had to go to school every month. In order not to delay her children’s school, she took her to the optician’s for optometry and matching, which was fast and good. So, at noon, she took Yueyue to the glasses shop on the street and matched a pair of 200 degree myopia glasses through computer optometry.

Computer optometry can’t replace mydriasis

According to the introduction of ophthalmologists, the incidence of juvenile myopia is increasing in recent years. Many parents, like the mother of the moon, have convenient and fast pictures. They go to the glasses shop on the street to give the children a computer optometry, and then match the glasses immediately, but ophthalmologists say this is wrong. Because in recent years, it has been found that myopia is found in young children, and nearly 20% of them are pseudomyopia. Pseudomyopia is caused by the spasm of ciliary muscle and the decrease of regulating function caused by long-term close reading. Pseudomyopia does not need glasses. As long as the eyes are fully rested and relaxed, vision will return to normal. When teenagers find that their eyesight begins to decline, they must first go to the hospital for mydriatic optometry to identify whether they are true myopia or pseudomyopia. Only true myopia needs glasses. The computer optometry of the optician can only check the myopia degree of the eye, but it can’t distinguish whether it is true myopia or false myopia. Once the pseudomyopia is mistakenly matched with glasses, it may gradually develop into true myopia. It is a lifelong regret to miss the best opportunity of treatment and become a real myopia for life.

Therefore, when the child begins to have vision decline, we must take time to take the child to the hospital for mydriatic optometry, so as to diagnose whether it is true myopia or pseudomyopia, and then decide whether to use medicine or wear glasses according to the diagnosis results.

The error of computer optometry will have a great impact on the patient’s vision health. Please choose a professional ophthalmic hospital for medical optometry to ensure the scientificity of matching glasses! If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!