Adolescence is a period of high incidence of myopia, which is closely related to the development of human eyeballs. The structure of the eyeball is relatively unstable before juveniles, and it is easy to be interfered by foreign objects. Most of the interference comes from the temptation that children can’t resist, which is very harmful to the eyes. If parents do not control during this period, myopia will naturally occur. However, the survey shows that children with poor eyesight, we can not delay eye care!

“It’s worrying that the child’s eyesight has gone wrong before he went to primary school.” On the eve of eye care day on June 6, it was learned from the newly established Guangzhou Guangdong Hong Kong Institute of optometry that poor eyesight is no longer the patent of teenagers, and even 3-6-year-old preschool children have not been spared. It is reported that the Institute has carried out a vision survey of more than 200 kindergartens in the province. The results are worrying. More than 19% of children have poor vision.

At present, the problem of poor vision of preschool children is more and more serious, but many parents don’t pay attention to it, this trend is very dangerous! The survey also found that in these preschool children with poor vision, except for a small part caused by ametropia, most of them are caused by eye fatigue caused by inattention and overuse.

Child eye protection

The continuous stay time in front of the computer or other radiation screens, such as television, shall not exceed two hours. When using the computer, it is better to wear glasses with anti radiation material, positive charge absorption and low-frequency radiation electromagnetic wave function.

Adult eye protection

People who often deal with computers should use eye drops with nutrition and function of cornea protection. In case of eye pain, foreign body sensation, insomnia, headache, bad appetite and other symptoms, you should find a doctor as soon as possible.

Let children watch TV too early, which can be said to be “dangerous”. After watching the above analysis, are you worried about whether children have developed this habit? Then please use the right way to keep them away from TV! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!