Nowadays, more and more parents choose children’s furniture when they decorate their children’s rooms. However, at present, the quality of children’s furniture varies in China. And 30% of children’s furniture is not qualified. How can parents choose?

Problem: unsafe structure and excessive formaldehyde

On October 29, the website of AQSIQ released the results of the national supervision and spot check on the quality of 29 kinds of products such as children’s furniture organized in the third quarter of 2014. Among them, the detection rate of children’s furniture unqualified products was 32.1%.

It is understood that 78 batches of products produced by 78 enterprises in 11 provinces (cities) were selected for children’s furniture, including four categories of children’s furniture products: cabinet, chair and stool, table and bed. 52 items in three categories, including structural safety, harmful substance release and warning signs, were inspected, and the detection rate of unqualified products was 32.1%, down 22 percentage points compared with the previous random inspection The quality level has been improved. Among 78 enterprises, 8 large-scale enterprises, 14 medium-sized enterprises, 39.3% and 14 medium-sized enterprises, respectively. The outstanding quality problems found in the spot check are that the product structure safety and warning signs are unqualified. Among the 25 batches of unqualified products, 17 batches are unqualified in structure safety, 13 batches are unqualified in warning signs, 2 batches are over standard in formaldehyde emission, and 1 batch is over standard in plastic phthalate.

Among them, Dongguan Hengshi Wood Industry Co., Ltd. produces “more favorite” small round stool, which has the problem of “stool tilting test in any direction”; Jiangxi jiayouren Furniture Co., Ltd. produces “jiayouren” children’s bedside table, which has the problem of “edge and tip, formaldehyde emission of products and warning signs”; Dongguan Houjie fuyida furniture factory turns a batch of “tongyige” crown Chair, Foshan Shunde Yuwei Furniture Co., Ltd. a batch of “sheep baby” children’s bedside cabinets were detected formaldehyde emissions unqualified and other issues.

Experts: buy children’s furniture, observe and test more

So, how to choose a qualified children’s furniture? “When many parents buy furniture, they only care about whether the children’s furniture is environmentally friendly, and whether the structure is safe is ignored by the parents. In fact, they should observe and test more when buying children’s furniture.” Bayi Furniture City senior sales manager said.

It is understood that in 2012, China issued the first furniture professional standard for children aged 3 to 14, general technical conditions for children’s furniture, and formally implemented it. According to the characteristics of children, this standard specifies the structural safety and harmful substances of children’s furniture in detail. For example, edges and edges of children’s furniture should be rounded or chamfered to avoid children’s collision; in order to avoid children’s fingers or other parts of the body stuck by holes or gaps in furniture, the standard also has corresponding requirements for the size of holes and gaps in children’s furniture. Therefore, when customers purchase furniture, they should observe whether there is a hidden danger.

In addition, whether formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard is directly related to children’s personal safety and health. Yuan Xun suggested that parents should choose the wood with less paint when choosing furniture, so as to avoid the harm of toxic gases to children’s health.

Therefore, children’s furniture is a source of concern. Parents should pay more attention to observation and inspection when purchasing. No matter when, they can’t only look at appearance and brand. Only qualified children’s furniture can ensure children’s health. If you have any questions about how to prevent children from bumping at home and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s anti furniture bumping safety common sense column.