Nowadays, the relief is getting worse and worse, the air is not good, and the damage to people’s body has greatly increased, so we can only rely on diet to improve the health potential rules of the body. Cold is one of the common diseases in children. It is caused by many reasons. Children’s improper diet will induce the occurrence of cold. We should pay attention to eat less of the following food as much as possible during the three meals.

1、 High fat diet.

If children ingest a large number of saturated fatty acid foods, such as meat, dairy products, margarine, etc., while vegetables and grains are relatively few, it will not only be harmful to children’s digestion and absorption, but also reduce the antiviral function of immune cells in the body, which is easy to cause cold. On the occasion of the alternation of spring and summer, we should pay attention to eating more vegetables and fruits for children to supplement multi vitamins and prevent the occurrence of cold.

2、 Take too much salt.

Children’s digestive system development is not yet sound, excessive salt intake, easy to reduce saliva secretion, resulting in the corresponding reduction of oral lysozyme, the virus in the oral cavity has the opportunity to breed. In addition, due to the penetration of sodium salt, the defense function of epithelial cells in the oral and throat areas is inhibited, and the cold virus is easy to invade the human body through the respiratory mucosa without the barrier function, so that children suffer from upper respiratory infection. So children’s three meals a day should be light and refreshing. Of course, the intake of other nutrients should also keep up.

3、 Too much sugar.

In general, children like to eat sugar, but if excessive, it will not only lead to loss of appetite and weakness of the spleen and stomach, but also aggravate calcium deficiency, consume vitamin B1, cause deficiency and sweating, reduce immune ability, and make children catch cold repeatedly. Sugar also has the effect of hypertonic diuresis, frequent urination, dry mouth and dry tongue, which leads to “feeling”, so eating too much sugar does harm to children.

The common sense about children’s diseases sorted out by Baibai safety net is understood. In addition, there are many knowledge about children’s diseases on this net. You can continue to pay attention to those who are interested in it, so that children can grow up healthily.