The occurrence of obesity is mainly affected by genetic and environmental factors. So far, more than 200 gene loci have been found to be related to obesity, lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism disorders and metabolic syndrome. However, only 5% of obesity is caused by heredity. Most of obesity is caused by environmental factors, which is controllable. However, many parents blame TV and computer for their children’s obesity. Is that right?

Children’s obesity is not necessarily due to TV and computer!

There is no reliable evidence that children are getting fatter because they spend too much time watching TV and playing computer games, according to a book author. Australian scholars Michael gard and Jane white have called on scientists and policymakers to question the moral agenda for obesity. Dr. gard said: this cultural hypothesis comes from people’s worries about the technology that has existed for a long time and their yearning for the good old days that will never return. Evidence suggests that children who use technology most frequently are actually more likely to be physically active. Today, many children may have better conditions, often in and out of the car, but they have more opportunities to dance ballet or play football.

The researchers examined 250 international studies published in the past four years and found that many of the findings were based on insufficient or contradictory evidence. They began to wonder whether obesity always does harm to people’s health, but also challenges the accuracy of widely used obesity measurement methods.

Dr gard said: science has stopped looking for simple answers because obesity itself is not a simple problem. Because of the unreasonable urban design, people are far away from public transportation, entertainment facilities or open-air places, which may be the main reason for the prevalence of obesity at present. If we really want to contribute to the treatment of obesity, then we need to carefully consider some basic social policies, such as managing the food industry in the same way as tobacco. This means to manage and control the number of advertisements and broadcast time of fast food companies, the sales place and customers of fast food, the seasoning used in fast food and the food packaging.

Terry Wilkin, a professor of Endocrinology and metabolism at a Plymouth hospital in Devon, welcomed the publication of obesity epidemic. Professor Terry said his own research shows that children who play more sports and walk to school use as much energy as those who don’t. He said: people put forward a lot of assumptions about obesity that are not based on facts. When it comes to obesity, there is a sense of guilt, as if it is the fault of fat people. They should suffer for their own fault. But there is not a lot of evidence to support all this.

It can be seen that children’s obesity is not necessarily due to TV and computer. Parents still need to find other reasons. Of course, watching TV may also cause children’s immobility and obesity, which should be noted. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!