Now many couples have the crystallization of love, they will be as precious to him. Generally have their own independent children’s room, to give the baby a warm and simple home, for the decoration of children’s room, we must pay careful attention to understand some children’s room decoration skills. However, children’s room decoration ng more, teach you OK practice don’t miss!

Too much decoration in NG1 children’s room

When I decorate my house, I especially think about the style. Now the European style, Mediterranean style, rural style and modern style All kinds of styles show the owner’s taste, and also bring comfortable enjoyment for home life. Children’s room is a room that my husband pays special attention to. He said that he would build a dream castle for the baby, so he also made a lot of designs in it.

OK: reduce the process

In order to reduce the pollution brought by decoration to children, the less the decoration of children’s room is in the construction process and processing procedure, the better, because many materials contain more or less harmful substances, and the processing procedure will increase the pollution of chemical components. In terms of material selection, natural and solid wood shall prevail.

NG2 pays attention to the color of children’s furniture

When I buy furniture for my baby, the first consideration is safety, and the second is bright colors. I think this is good for his visual development and living in a good mood.

OK practice: try to keep the original color or white of furniture, and make up the color with accessories

There is no mistake in the view that children’s rooms should be bright and bright. Children are happier in a colorful environment. But furniture is sprayed with color paint, and the paint on the surface may contain harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, barium and chromium. For example, lead, because the proportion of lead is particularly heavy, it is relatively low in the air, the height of children is relatively short, breathing lead is more, in addition, it will eat lead directly into the stomach because of eating hands and toys without washing hands and eating.

If the room is all wood or white, and the children feel uncomfortable, we can choose other ways to change the color of the house, such as adjusting the color with colorful toys, curtains, bedding, decorations.

Expert suggestion: choose more solid wood furniture

The formaldehyde content of board furniture exceeds the standard, and the solid wood furniture is relatively safe. Children’s furniture has a lot of pine wood, because the pine wood is soft, not very strong in resistance to hard, less harm to children, general wood is relatively hard. Moreover, due to the processing technology, sometimes the edges and corners of plank furniture are not round, which is easy to cause accidental injury when children play, while the solid wood children’s furniture generally pay attention to the problems of edges and corners.

NG3 do not use fixed belt

The furniture I bought from a home furnishing store needs to be installed by myself. The fixed belt in it is too troublesome for my husband to install. He thinks it’s very strong, and the center of gravity is low, so he shouldn’t fall down. I always feel insecure.

OK way: safety belt should be used for furniture

In the past, there are not a few accidents caused by children overturning furniture and electrical appliances, so children’s room must pay attention to not too high furniture selection, high furniture should be fixed well. Children’s nature is curious and active. All bookshelves and drawers are steps leading to unknown fun in their eyes. Once they fall, the consequences are unimaginable. Don’t leave a security risk because you are lazy for a while.

Note: when purchasing, you should carefully check whether the test report of furniture is a simple plate test or a paint test. When signing the sales contract, you should write down the environmental protection guarantee clearly. If the merchant refuses to sign the guarantee, you’d better not buy it.

International security terms

As non professionals, how can we ensure safety when choosing children’s room furniture? Besides touching and smelling, we can also see if they have passed the safety certification. At present, there are several inspection institutions and certification standards for the quality of children’s furniture in the world, such as TUV in Europe and GS in Germany, which are very strict certification institutions in the industry.

“CE” mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for the European Union. All products with “CE” mark can be sold in EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within EU Member States.

“GS” sign – German “geprufte Sicherheit” (safety certified), also means “Germany safety”. GS certification is a voluntary certification based on the German product safety law (GPGs) and tested according to the European Union unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN. It is recognized as the German safety certification mark in the European market.

“T ü V” logo – with the t ü V logo, it not only ensures the safety and quality factors of the product, but also provides other certification information, such as ergonomics.

&Conclusion: decorating a safe, comfortable and warm children’s room has become a big worry for all parents, but you may be able to solve many problems after reading the above article “OK method of children’s room decoration”. If you want to know more about what kind of good knowledge of children’s protective fence, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you oh