Children are the apple of every parent’s eye and the hope of the family. The healthy growth of a child is closely related to her growing environment. Therefore, for children’s room decoration precautions, parents can not be despised. The following small edition summed up the children’s room decoration precautions, parents look over. To help parents create a comfortable and safe living environment for their children.

Six key points of children’s room decoration

Experts suggest that parents should try their best to choose natural materials when choosing decoration materials for children’s houses, and the fewer processing procedures, the better.

Experts believe that children’s rooms should be decorated in a simple style to minimize the use of decoration materials and construction; marble and granite should be avoided; the best choice of paint and paint is water-based, which can avoid benzene and volatile organic compounds pollution; the paint color should not be too bright, the brighter the paint and paint color, the more heavy metal elements contained in it High, these heavy metals and children contact easily lead, mercury poisoning.

When decorating the walls of children’s rooms, it is recommended to use famous brand paint or wallpaper for children’s rooms. The best choice for children’s room furniture is solid wood furniture, and the furniture paint is water-based.

In addition, children’s rooms should not be paved with plastic flooring. Some foam plastic products (similar to slippers) on the market, such as floor jigsaw puzzle, will release a large amount of volatile organic compounds.

In addition to environmental protection, safety is also a must for children’s room decoration. Children’s self-protection ability is weak. If these things appear in the children’s room, they may cause unexpected harm to your children.

Don’t put on the carpet because you are worried about your child’s fall. Because pure wool carpet is easy to breed parasites such as mites, which increases the chance of children suffering from respiratory diseases, while chemical fiber carpet will cause allergic reactions of some children.

When children are curious, they will dance and even kick themselves in the mirror. At this time, the mirror may become a deadly killer of children.

&Children are the treasure of the family and the heart and soul of every parent. Therefore, parents need to be very careful about the decoration of children’s rooms, grasp these six precautions, and believe that they will create a perfect fairy tale world for their children. If you have any questions about what kind of children’s protective fence is good and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the safety knowledge column of children’s protective fence of Baibai safety net.