For the decoration of children’s room, many parents think that the beautiful and fairy tale decoration of children’s room is a gift and a protection for children. However, children’s room decoration skills, to avoid pollution is the key, together to understand it!

Pay attention to lighting and ventilation in children’s room

The decoration of children’s room should pay attention to the lighting, ventilation and orientation of the room, as well as various factors of the surrounding small environment of the room, and make appropriate adjustment and response in case of any adverse situation. For example, children’s room should not be set around machines, electrical appliances, high-voltage lines, etc.

For the children’s room with poor lighting or ventilation and unable to change the layout, it is necessary to coordinate and solve some problems in the design and decoration, such as properly increasing lighting, reasonably arranging mirrors to adjust the light in the room, and fully communicating with the designer in the decoration.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the selection of curtains. If it’s a window in the East, you can choose silk soft blinds and vertical blinds if you can see the sunshine in the morning. They can adjust the dazzling light through the light and elegant colors, while the cloth leaves on the back can reduce the light intensity. If it’s a window in the south, West or North, you can choose different curtains according to the strength of the sunshine.

Soft materials should be used for decoration

The material selection of children’s room space should be soft and natural materials, such as carpet, wall cloth, log, cork floor, etc. It is suggested that children’s furniture should be made up of modules, integrating games and inspiring intelligence. Different modules can be combined into different geometric figures or children’s furniture.

Color: younger children like solid colors with big contrast and strong contrast. As they grow older, they will be able to distinguish or like some elegant colors. According to the opinion of color experts, pink, light yellow and green will be widely used in children’s rooms for little girls in the decoration design of children’s rooms, while pure blue and green are the mainstream colors of children’s rooms for little boys.

Material: pay attention to environmental protection when painting and pasting wallpaper. When pasting wallpaper, we must choose environmental protection glue for pasting. Younger children like cartoon furniture with bright colors. When they are older, they can add natural elements, such as log and solid wood.

Decoration: the children’s room also pays attention to “light clothing, repair and decoration”. Try to show children their own space. Children’s favorite things, such as plush toys, airplane models or one of their own works, are the most desirable decoration.

Children’s room wallpaper selection skills

From the country of adults to the country of villains, from the mature wind to the childish wind… The magic wallpaper is the easiest way to distinguish between adults and children. If the wallpaper in children’s room can meet the three requirements of beauty, environmental protection and education, it will become children’s friend with unlimited fun. Nowadays, there are many kinds of wallpaper styles, which provide children of different ages and genders with various featured products. How to choose is also very important.

As for the decoration materials of children’s room, the first consideration is simplicity and safety. The selection of wallpaper should also comply with these two points. In addition, because children are easy to move, wallpaper is often damaged by graffiti or peeling at will, so the durability and easy repair of the product should be considered when purchasing.

Be sure to use environmentally friendly glue. Sometimes you choose the right wallpaper, but ignore the choice of glue. Especially when pasting children’s room wallpaper, we must use environmental glue. It’s best to use water-based wallpaper glue made of potato and wheat. It’s natural.

In addition, wallpaper should be changed from time to time according to different ages to make the color or pattern more match the actual age of children, so it is suggested that the cost of one-time investment should not be too high.

Housing design should be forward-looking

To leave a certain space for growth, let the children’s room “grow together” with the small owners. With the growth of children, children’s furniture that can be adjusted by themselves is loved by many parents. It can adjust the height and length at will. Parents can change the shape and height of furniture according to their children’s height, age and hobbies, which is economical and affordable.

When choosing children’s furniture, we should also pay attention to the wood bed or not too soft spring bed, which is good for children’s physical development. There should be special toy boxes and storage cabinets for children. It’s better to only hold children’s things. School age children should also have their own independent small bookcase to cultivate good reading habits from childhood. A computer desk and adjustable computer chair should be set in the room to facilitate children’s study.

Countermeasures to avoid children’s room pollution

1. The decoration of children’s room shall be scientific, environmental friendly and pollution-free. In particular, we should pay attention not to hit the floor, not to lay carpet, not to do ceiling, less use of colored paint and paint.

2. Attention shall be paid to the furniture selection of children’s room: select according to the national standard; at the same time, pay attention to the volume of furniture not exceeding 50% of the room; pay attention to the strict edge sealing and double-sided board for wood-based panel furniture; when children’s clothes are placed in the new furniture, they shall be closed packed.

3. Pay attention to the ventilation of children’s room. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows should be installed with up rotation ventilation device, and rooms with poor ventilation should be installed with fresh air ventilation device. Every day should ensure that the morning and evening ventilation, each time should be more than half an hour.

4. Pay attention to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children’s articles and clothes. Such as room curtains, new clothes, cloth furniture, cloth toys and so on.

5. Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of indoor environmental pollution. The newly decorated children’s room should be ventilated and purified. According to different seasons, it should generally be ventilated for 15 to 30 days. According to the national standard, we should check in again after passing the test. We must listen to the experts’ opinions and select qualified purification and treatment products to prevent secondary pollution.

For the decoration of children’s room, many parents think that the beautiful and fairy tale decoration of children’s room is a gift and a protection for children. However, children’s room decoration skills, to avoid pollution is the key, together to understand it!