The best children’s furniture can accompany children to grow up together, at least for a period of time not to let children feel “naive”. This requires that in style selection, avoid over exaggeration and show the age of the style so in children. So what color should we choose when choosing children’s furniture?

Fashion color becomes the main color of children’s furniture

Nowadays, many brands of children’s furniture are all based on color. Its rich colors mainly include light red, bean green, light powder, orange yellow, as well as goose yellow, milk white, violet and other color systems, and the relevant patterns are also more lively, flexible and rich in change.

“This year, the neutral color of fashion is quite popular, while olive green, dark blue and light pink are the main colors.” Bright furniture Elachi brand sales staff said, steady color and multi-color collocation is getting more and more parents and children like.

Color according to age and gender

Faced with the temptation of children’s colorful furniture, how should parents choose? Liu Qing, senior designer of decoration design center, said, “the overall color should be bright.” He said that parents can match colors, patterns and shapes reasonably according to their children’s age and gender to make the slightly crowded space more lively and flexible. For example, the girl with pink, bean green and other best, can be appropriately matched with big flowers or flowers, while the boy with gray blue, violet and other cool colors is better, and try to choose stars, moon and other special shapes, so as to cultivate the boy’s masculinity and rich imagination.

Liu Qing believes that parents should avoid the color too miscellaneous or bright red and green, and the color too bright, otherwise they may only pay attention to the visual impact of color, thus ignoring the harm of color to children. Because too gorgeous colorful furniture may have adverse effects on children’s vision, character, emotion and nerve development, thus laying a disaster for their future growth.

Therefore, children’s furniture should not be colorful. We should try our best to choose the color of furniture according to the age of children. Don’t think that colorful, red or green is suitable for your children. Scientific color matching can ensure the healthy growth of children. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!