Parents always want to give the best to their children. In many families, children have their own separate rooms. Many parents are also willing to spend money on the layout of children’s rooms, willing to spend time and select carefully. Pieces of children’s furniture with bright colors and beautiful appearance have finally moved back home. The children are happy and the adults are satisfied. But are the children’s furniture you bought really safe? Is it qualified? Let’s learn about it with the editor.

■ purchase reminder

Check the safety of children’s furniture structure

According to the provisions of the new national standard, when purchasing children’s furniture, parents should check whether the edges and corners of children’s furniture and edge parts are rounded. The accessible dangerous outer corners of the product below 1600 mm above the ground should also be rounded, and the rounding radius should not be less than 10 mm, or the length of the rounding arc should not be less than 15 mm.

The new regulations stipulate that the product has airtight and airtight space, and air vent shall be set inside. If the product does not have an export hole, the manufacturer should be inquired carefully and carefully selected.

Ask for quality inspection report

Many salesmen introduce that raw materials are imported or reach E0 level, so consumers think that they are environmentally friendly. In fact, good quality of raw materials does not mean good quality of finished furniture. Finished furniture also includes many links such as production process and paint. When choosing furniture, we must see whether there is inspection and identification on the quality inspection certificate. If consumers pay more attention to the content of heavy metals, they can check whether the products meet the two standards of GB18584-2001 “limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and wood furniture” and gb28007-2011 “general technical conditions for children’s furniture”. At the same time, they can ask the merchants for the metal content test report to check the content of heavy metals. The lower the content of heavy metals, the less harmful it is to children. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the tested object is pure plate or paint. If the test is only for plates, consumers also need to know the environmental protection of the paint used by the manufacturer.

Choose furniture with less adhesive

Many qualified products can also detect formaldehyde and other heavy metals, which is caused by the environmental protection of coating and adhesive. Therefore, it is better to choose furniture with less binder, and its formaldehyde content is relatively low. If there is doubt about the paint and coating of the product, it is better to choose solid wood and log colored furniture as far as possible to reduce the harm of heavy metals contained in the unqualified paint.

Complaint according to regulations

When purchasing furniture, consumers should try to choose the furniture that will be put on the market for a period of time after the implementation of the new standard, because the manufacturer will have a certain amount of inventory before the implementation of the new standard. Consumers may complain to the consumer association or the national quality inspection department about the injury caused by the product quality problem or the design failing to meet the standard.

Therefore, in order to purchase children’s furniture, we should pay attention to the safety, growth and other factors. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!