Childhood is the basic stage of life, from fetus, newborn, infant, preschool children to teenagers are in the process of continuous growth and development. Its dynamic characteristics are different from that of adults, and there are also great differences in different age groups. It is necessary to consider children’s psychological and physical development to choose suitable furniture. Therefore, when choosing children’s furniture, we should pay attention to safety and growth!

How to choose a set of furniture suitable for children’s growth?


When choosing furniture for children, the first concern is safety. Safety includes physical safety and chemical safety

Physical safety refers to whether the strength of the furniture meets the standard, whether the edges and corners of the furniture have been properly treated, and whether there is potential danger to children in other designs. Children are naturally active, so physical safety is the basic requirement of children’s furniture. For example, children’s bed, computer table, push table, etc., the sleek shape of the corner is definitely the first choice, which will avoid the injury caused by children’s careless collision. In order to cater to children’s psychology, some furniture manufacturers will paste some lovely cartoon images on the railings of the bed. When parents select such furniture, especially the elevated bed, they must confirm whether the pasted shape has enough impact resistance to prevent children from falling off when they push and pull hard. We need to pay attention to the width of the guardrail, too wide can not play a protective role, too narrow and easy to hold fingers and toes.

Chemical safety refers to whether there are harmful chemicals in materials, adhesives, paints and processes used in furniture manufacturing, such as common harmful metals (lead, mercury, etc.), benzene and free formaldehyde, etc. In Europe, these harmful substances are strictly prohibited in furniture. Now, a lot of imported children’s furniture pay great attention to this point, especially the use of paint or adhesive, because whether it is lead paint or adhesive containing benzene and formaldehyde, it is possible to cause poisoning or skin allergy due to children’s gnawing, delicate skin. Generally, UV spraying technology or metal nails instead of adhesives are used to make children’s furniture, which fundamentally avoids the harm to children.


Children always grow very fast, so many furniture manufacturers have designed some big furniture that children can use from childhood. Their slogan is “we can’t buy 20-year-old clothes for 5-year-old children, but we can buy a 20-year-old bed for 5-year-old children.”.

In order to make children’s furniture not only used in childhood, parents should pay attention to the selection, the color of the purchased furniture should not be too bright, neutral color is better, so it can be suitable for different ages. The height of desks and chairs can be adjusted at will to adapt to the growth of children. At the same time, it is beneficial for children to develop good eye hygiene habits and to develop correct sitting posture. And a bed that can grow up with children, can be combined at will. It can be an up and down bed with a climbing frame; it can also be an L-shaped and one-way set of furniture with desks, wardrobes, etc., while it is constantly changing with the combination of children from youth to youth, and its final size is the same as that of adults: 90 cm wide and 2 m long.

Education everyone hopes that children can grow up healthily, so it is very important to cultivate good character and habits of life and learning when they are young. The furniture full of children’s interest and variety can exercise their imagination and creativity, while the furniture with reasonable collocation and complete functions can also help them form their independent life habits from childhood.

With these introductions, are you afraid that the children don’t like them? Furniture suitable for children’s growth is the best furniture, and the necessary safety measures are the real love for children. If you are interested in how to prevent children from knocking at home, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.