The best parents should be able to find their children’s unique place, give guidance and satisfaction. It’s the same with reading to your children. No standard book list or reading guide can help you completely. So, how do parents choose e-books for their babies?

Parents should choose the best e-book for their baby

Nowadays, the free time of young parents is constantly compressed. Instead of just being a 24-hour nanny, it’s better to be a more open style management type parent, leaving the heavy, time-consuming and bad ones to the tablet e-book.

What parents need to grasp is to control the quantity and quality of their children’s reading: first, the content of e-books; second, the time of reading. For example, children are hard to realize their real needs due to the tight constraints of the head of the family. For example, children who have been forced to eat all their meals are likely to have eaten when they are separated from their parents’ discipline. The same is true of children’s problems in electronic reading. In this way, children gradually understand how to deal with the relationship with high technology and how to be responsible for themselves.

What kind of e-book should parents choose for their baby?

1. Composite function is better than single function

E-books generally have interactive characteristics, so it has become a universal advantage of e-books to teach and enjoy. In this regard, parents do not need to be too careful about the distinction between story books and textbooks; in fact, from the perspective of control, if parents want to do a good job in e-book management for their children, the number of choices should not be large. The best choice is a functional composite e-book application, which not only contains vivid story telling, but also stimulates children’s thinking interest and hands-on ability. In this process, the e-book application should be designed for children to increase knowledge or improve their brain.

2. Interest teacher: Story Book

Interest is the best teacher, so attracting children is the first consideration. In this regard, the e-book with the theme form of storybook has more advantages than that of education. On the one hand, e-books aimed directly at educational participation are not easy for children to accept, and may even lead to adverse reactions.

In the long run, the impact of contusion on learning enthusiasm should not be underestimated. In addition, adults should not forget that stories are the way children know the world. Adults know the world directly, but they often ignore that they gradually understand the world in their childhood through day and night. No matter the correction of behavior education or the learning of literacy and memorizing words, the participation and learning of story form can achieve better results for children.

For example, “Barbie: reading and playing” combines the classic cartoon character Barbie doll with a well conceived story blueprint, which is first and foremost an interesting story book for children. The gentle female voice narrated the story, and the children got the double enjoyment of listening to the story in the colorful and exquisite illustrations; at the same time, the app also designed a lot of interaction links that need children to think and solve problems.

Barbie: reading while playing has the nature of solving puzzles, which attracts children into the story and also gives them the task of solving puzzles. Children can not only read in Barbie: play while reading, but also enhance their abilities of direction recognition, color recognition, literacy, etc.

3. Encourage learning: animation reward

It’s hard for every child to resist the temptation of cartoons, but it’s hard for a pure cartoon to reassure parents of its usefulness. Therefore, it is a better choice to let children watch cartoons after the completion of learning tasks, and let cartoons become a reward and motivation for learning. The intimate “Barbie reading and playing” also specially arranged such a design. Every time a child completes a learning task, he or she can collect a badge. When all the badges are collected, he or she can watch a small animated film at the end of the story. Children always care about the end of the story, which promotes them to solve the mystery.

In the end, we call on Baibai safety net. Let’s select e-books for our baby and add full marks for her reading! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!