With the continuous change of children’s demand for furniture and parents’ increasing attention to the decoration of children’s rooms, children’s furniture is becoming more and more popular. Many parents choose children’s furniture specially, but now, many parents have some mistakes in choosing children’s furniture.

Parents tend to fall into the following three misunderstandings:

Myth 1: solid wood furniture = low formaldehyde

In the eyes of many consumers, solid wood furniture does not need to use paint, and the plate itself is more environmentally friendly. Therefore, there is a concept that solid wood furniture must be more environmentally friendly than plate furniture.

In fact, the surface of solid wood furniture should also be painted with varnish, and solid wood furniture will also use adhesives, especially solid wood veneered furniture, so to buy solid wood furniture, it is necessary to find out whether all solid wood furniture or solid wood veneered furniture. In addition, if it is not natural solid wood furniture, adhesives will also be used in the boards of all solid wood furniture, and there will be the problem of formaldehyde emission; solid wood furniture and board wood combined furniture may also involve the problem of excessive formaldehyde emission.

Myth 2: light color = less harmful substances

Many people think that heavy metal must be used to develop the color of colorful panel furniture. When choosing children’s furniture, we should try our best to choose the furniture with lighter color.

In fact, the paint color has nothing to do with harmful substances. The more colorful the furniture is, the more heavy metals it contains is wrong. As long as it’s paint, it contains heavy metals, regardless of the color. For the heavy metal content of the paint, the manufacturer should have a test report, and consumers can pay attention to the inspection when purchasing. The full name of water-based paint is water-based wood paint, which is a relative concept with paint. In terms of environmental protection performance, water-based paint is really much more environmentally friendly. But even if water-based paint is used, parents are still advised to see the relevant test report when purchasing.

Error 3: low formaldehyde = environmental protection

Many parents think that children’s furniture with low formaldehyde content is environmental protection furniture. In fact, the environmental protection performance of furniture also involves benzene, heavy metal lead and other aspects.

Environmental protection is only a relative concept. For furniture, the state has a corresponding limit standard for harmful substances, whose index is the release of harmful substances from furniture. For example, the index of wood furniture is formaldehyde emission and heavy metal content in paint; cloth furniture depends on benzene and some volatile organic compounds; stone furniture has requirements for radioactivity. Although the state has relevant regulations, the products on sale in the market are not all qualified products. Because children’s resistance is weaker and their health is more vulnerable to hazards, parents need to pay attention to not only formaldehyde emission but also the content of harmful substances according to the corresponding furniture materials when purchasing furniture.

In a word, the mistake of choosing furniture is equal to the danger! Therefore, parents must use the right methods to choose children’s furniture in the future, avoiding the mistakes summarized by the above small compilations, so as to truly choose children’s furniture with guaranteed safety. If you are interested in how to prevent children from knocking at home, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.