The market is full of exquisite baby tableware, dazzling parents. Which tableware is more suitable for baby’s daily use? Baby tableware can be generally divided into plastic, wood, imitation porcelain, stainless steel and so on. So, what kind of material is better for baby tableware?

1. Enamel tableware

The tableware with the best heat preservation and safety It is very suitable for babies to use. It can resist acid and alkali corrosion and has stable chemical properties. It is not resistant to falling and buying, easy to deform, and easy to fall off. It must be strictly prevented from being eaten by children. Go and choose the safest tableware for your baby.

2. Stainless steel tableware

Easy to clean, less chemical elements, not easy to breed bacteria, beautiful and generous, light and durable, wear-resistant and rust resistant, popular is the best drinking utensil. But hot hands, and relative to children, a little heavy. Heavy metal content will also exceed the standard, including all kinds of vegetables soup, can not be put in.

3. Porcelain like tableware

It is a kind of tableware similar to porcelain in appearance. Its raw material is resin. More solid than porcelain, not fragile, and bright color, bright finish, very popular with children. It has the advantages of soft texture, smooth, light and thin, not easy to deform, flat surface, non-toxic, tasteless, strong and resistant to falling, not hot, various styles, easy to clean, etc. But it has a high proportion of counterfeiting.

4. Bamboo and wood tableware

Economic and practical, good insulation effect, soft and delicate most natural tableware. But it is easy to be polluted and not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria. However, it should be kept dry, otherwise it is easy to get moldy, especially in the rainy season in the south. It should be placed in the ventilated place after cleaning. Do not buy bright or painted surfaces.

5. Plastic tableware

It’s light, beautiful, not easy to break, low price, well received by people, but don’t choose colorful ones.

6. Ceramic and glass tableware

It is clean and sanitary, generally free of toxic substances, and has few environmental and health pollutants. But it’s fragile and easy to cut children. Choose ceramic tableware, the best choice of the inner wall of white tableware without glaze pigment.

Therefore, Xiaobian said that the choice of healthy and safe baby tableware, material is very important! Mom, don’t take it seriously. Maybe your baby will be hurt because of the unsuitable material you choose. Learn it quickly! If you want to know more about how to disinfect children’s tableware, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to look up, hope to help you!